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I called this post Toronto garage champagne party, because those are the only parts of the night I actually remember. A party in a garage with lots of free champagne.   Oh yah, and I took the bus.  I remember doing that.  Cabs in Toronto are really expensive.  big city = big distances.



Here are a few more of the cute boys and girls from the Show OFF party last weekend.  I like these two because they look like they just don’t give a shit, I mean, they clearly do, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have bothered getting dressed at all, but its refreshing to just see some good old grunge especially out at night.


these guys are the streetstylez of the future.  seriously.  whenever somebody says “you better call the fashion police”  they are who I imagine would show up to arrest the offender in question.


These are some of the lovely ladies from LBC and Baller’s Show OFF art show/vernissage/party at UPC boutique in Yorkville on the weekend.  More to come.


I dont know who she is, and I think we chatted a little.  But i basically just asked to take her picture and told her to keep on texting as if I wasn’t there.  and voila, a little bit of contrived nonchalance.

show offimage_2

This is Siena, she saved up all her allowance when she was in high school to buy those shoes.  Its true.  I always wanted to have a piggy bank, one of those glass ones, so that when I wanted something real bad, like those shoes, I could take a hammer and break it open.


Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Wolf Island to go cruise around and drink gin from an empty McDonalds cup.





Marilis, Dane, and I spotted this little angel man with matching shoe, sock and tie combo at the Worn Fashion Journal‘s Art and Sole auction at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto where the shoes that our very own Dane made were actioned off for charity .  Marilis will be posting more photos whenever she finds some free internet, but check out more info from the night here

These are some pictures from Ourspace or its legit name: Studio Gallery in Toronto.   This past Sunday they held the first Vintage Clothing Sale of ’09 and since it was such a success there’s gonna be another one probably in May and everybody has to come and buy all my clothes so I can make $$$.


This is Leah.  When her pet cat Fritz was a bad kitty, she skinned it and poured salt on the fur and when it dried out she sewed it into a hat.  Here it is.


This is Vanessa.  She looks like a combination of a flight attendant and a pin up girl.  If I was a 14 year old chronic masterbator I know what I would do with this picture.

It is true.  At Randomland you truly do find the most weirdest assortment of Friday night folk.  Circa is like a melting pot of Toronto’s best and worst parts.


Siena obviously is the biggest weirdo.


This girl looks like a version of Cruella Deville


These lovely ladies are clearly a 10/10.  Firstly because they match.  Whatever happened to matching couples anyways?  and Secondly because of their crinolin tutu’s and sexy fishnets.


club appropriation of this: backpack

or a modified version of this: dog-in-backpack


Right before this picture was taken I was at a convenience store across the street buying a chocolate-vanilla Chupa Chup when an unruly bunch of high school kiddies walked in and each bought a dozen eggs because they were mad that they were underage and their fake i.d.’s didnt work…  I wish I was that resourceful when i was 16.  but now here I am at 21, partying at places with 16 year olds.  I am so cool.  Hey! at least I can go to vegas and play the slots.


Girl on invisible cross


I heard that some twins can like read each other’s minds and stuff.  I think that is what they are doing in this picture.

My wonderful 1 month stay in Toronto is rapidly coming to an end, but today I went grocery shopping with my dad and I haven’t done that in a long time.  And while he wasn’t looking I managed to sneak 1 jar of marshmallow fluff and 1 box of assorted flavors Gushers into the cart.  So now I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Last night I went to Circa to see a Icelandic group called Steed Lord.  They are about 11/10 on the cool scale.  The entire time I was begging Siena to let me interview them, because I needed some more material to use in the wet dream I was planning on having later that night about the blond haired guy

and when I had finally bugged Siena enough and she agreed to let me come in for the interview, the blond guy wasn’t even there.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the material I needed, and all my wonderful dream aspirations were a flop.  Better luck next time.

This is Siena, she is trying to look all serious here, but really she looks a little like a pirate.

This is pirates, but I don’t really think he looks like a pirate.

This is Rice.  She is the star of Beethoven.

this one time I told Mikey that I loved the amazing pattern on his shirt and scarf, and then he showed up at my pool party last weekend with a wonderful present for me.  Thanks Mikey.

this picture speaks for itself.  Its too bad my crap loaner camera and my crap camera skillz don’t do the orange hair and leather jacket combo justice.

This is Dustin.  He stole all my drink tickets and then drank so much that he walked into the glass wall protecting the Louis Vuitton Horse.

Speaking of wet dreams, (minus the hunchback maker outers blocking our view) this Louis Vuitton horse at Circa is the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery.  Except that the horse would be alive and it would patiently wait for me outside school everyday so I could ride it up St. Laurent, home to my house.

I know I’m really late on this post, but I was waiting until I had a program on my computer so I could put the text at the bottom of the photo to make it look all professional and stuff, but since I got robbed and had to get a new laptop I don’t have Photoshop yet so my blogging life in sort of in shambles. These pictures are from the pride parade in Toronto a couple weeks ago.  I was supposed to be on the House of Lords float in the parade with all my friends but I got lost and missed it.  Too bad.

Both Cary and I (by some freak accident of nature-seriously) happened to be wearing rompers to the parade.  This photo is a prime example of romper fashion at its finest.  Basically romper fashion means that everything your wearing is attached together, and made of the same fabric.  Romper’s are made for romping.  The dictionary says: Romper – a person or thing that romps.

Rompers used to be made in adult sizes (because they’re really comfortable, and for phys-ed class when our parents were kids) but now unfortunately, they’re mostly only made for babies.

Some more good examples of rompers I wish I owned:

even the evil corporation American Apparel makes a romper, but I’m a brat and I don’t like it based on principle, sorry AA lovers, but I’m not a fan of cookie cutter fashion.

and down here we have Dawn Lam also knows as Don Ram.  Her outfit in this photo has a lot of influence of Cassandra from Wayne’s World:

I’ve sorta postponed getting these posted on the internet, partly because I’ve moved to Berlin, and partly because I wanted to forget the Crystal Castles terror at Circa a few weeks back. Punches in the face were involved, and a lot of sweat and human traffic jams. Time has passed now, and we can all get on with our lives. Here’s some photos.

Sarah, a skillful photographer in her own right. Here‘s her stuff. Mostly I think we just talked about how great each other looked.

Hey, here’s three goodlooking people. Sam (the one in the tights) gave me his coatcheck tag to hold onto for the night, as tights do not come with pockets. When I left I mixed up the tags and ended up with his coat, cellphone, keys, and wallet. He got my cape.

And Adam and Leah. Adam and I share a love of brightly coloured shirts that look like this. And you can spend a very long time looking at Leah’s curated youtube videos. I have, at least.


This young man was one of the first people I met during fashion week in Toronto. His name is Russ and he is extremely precious, as you can probably tell. I love when people do that little slightly awkward foot tilt but look at that cute little smile. We stiffled yawns as we witnessed some of the last shows of the week. A black collection? How avant-garde!


Here’s some more Fashion Week in Toronto goodies from Day 1, after the Biddell show. I just have a thing for an all black outfit with just a little dash of color like this little lady right here. Prrrrrrrrrrrrecious!


Extensive research led me to discover that this is Andrew Sardone, a Fashion/Design Writer for NOW Magazine. Read his take on fashion week shows here. He had flawless style throughout the week that helped soothe my sore eyes. Thanks homeboy!


So this beautiful beautiful young lady caught me 100% off-guard as I was speed walking in a hungover daze, late to meet with a friend in Kensington market. I hardly saw anyone quite this attractive the whole time I was at Fashion Week and then all of a sudden, I run into her and snap in streetstyle mode and stop her for a photo. I was there to get my free loaf of bread from Cobs (read Darryl’s post lower down). I also tried to go get a haircut at Superstar Hairsalon, but they don’t take debit and I had just used up what was left of my cash on a yogourt and fruit parfait, so my hair will just have to stay long and stupid until my next trip to Toronto because I want to look like a superstar.

TFW is over. The T is for Toronto, if you’re wondering. The T is also for Terrible.

But hey, we did get a bunch of free shit, all of which was intended for people more important than us. But when they didn’t show up, Marilis and I were ready to swoop in on their front-row seats and the accompanying swag bags. If I can take a moment to provide some free promotion, I’d like to direct you to Cobs Bread, who will be feeding me for the next 3 weeks with vouchers for free loaves of bread that we picked out of the bags.

That’s Cob’s Bread: Our Passion, Your Bread.

Also, a note of thanks to whoever it is that makes Orangina. The countless free bottles at the shows were perfect mixer for the water bottle full of vodka stashed away in Marilis’ purse.

Moving on, here’s some highlights (and lowlights) of the week, and some street style:


Coco Rocha, the highest profile model to come from Canada in some time. Coco’s walked for the likes of Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, and Christian Lacroix. And now, Joe Fresh. Joe Fresh sells his clothes at a supermarket, just so we’re clear about that.


A small gallery of an innumerable amount of somebodies that I was asked to take photos of. I think the guy in the last photo is in toothpaste commercials. And the lady in the first photo has some pretty intense teeth. Check em out!


The camera even resisted focus on this guy’s hair. On a sad note, this guy is probably a Canadian fashion magnate.


Ok, in case you make the same mistake I did, this is not Kalan Porter. The girl had some amazing jewelry though. Much better than Kalan could ever dream up.


“I’m Lara, and this is Sara. We do everything together.” Lara, Sara, if you’re out there, you know where to find me, you rhyming beauties you.


Ever notice how models almost never have good style of their own? Here’s the one exception I’ve ever found.


I just liked their scarves, OK?!


What a hunk.


Yes, you’re right, it really IS that guy from Degrassi. These are some well-dressed kids.

Alright that’s all. My photos from the So_Me vernissage are coming soon. Including an exclusive interview with So_Mom! (not really though).


Darryl and I took a break from trying to find a way our hunt for free drinks/food to keep us alive because together we have about enough money to buy a pack of gum, and our search lead us to this little show right here:

So Me Art Show
My camera had a good workout that day and my flash batteries were just not having it, so excuse the grainy colors and just go see the show yourself.


So Me doing the D.A.N.C.E. yeah?






Paving the way for all middle aged ravers around the globe. We’d like to invite you all to bring your moms out to parties more often because they will demonstrate more enthusiasm and out of this world dance moves then your brain can even wrap itself around.



Later that night, Darryl and I got ready to go out, drank about 6 Rockstars and vodka and somehow managed to decide to stay in and go straight to bed… Our precious little boy also took some shots that will probably make their way on here very soon! Well… very soon. Lets say eventually.

Read HRO’s post on So Me for the whole she-bang.

I just got back from a week in Toronto and so this post is about my wonderful Toronto friends who already miss a lot.

Here’s a few from A.D/D’s Randomland Friday at Circa and Saturday at the Peer Pressure party at the Drake Hotel



click HERE for the rest

BUT I didn’t get to see my friends enough so I’m making up for it by putting up a mix of pictures to refresh my memory. These pictures are stolen from Baller, with permission of course! I don’t steal from people (who I know)n172000712_34409761_9637.jpg
Out of 900 photos that Kristie has on Facebook (sorry for saying the F-word guyz) probably about 400 are taken before eating, during eating, or after eating something from McDonalds. I don’t think I’ve ever met three girls (R-L : Kristie, Shannin, Siena) who enjoy late-night McDonalds more than they do.




How many of you had one of these shirts with the rips and beads? I remember my baby sitter dressing me in one of these in white, that my grandmother brought back from Ft. Lauderdale along with a stuffed flamingo.






You know Darryl, he’s the foxy boy behind the Street Clash competition and our special collaborator, bringing us love from Toronto, Berlin and Stockholm, see them here. Darryl and I spent that morning loitering at Eggspectations (the newest hotspot, word on the street) and we’ll be covering Toronto fashion week next week, so we’ll have some sweet photos coming up for you guys! I have a confession to make though, a realisation that came to me as I was reviewing my photos. Last Thursday, I was walking around Toronto and witnessed a beautiful boy in a black cloak crossing the street. Seeing as I’m on constant street style look out, I took a few seconds to consider stopping him for a photo, but we were already too far away to do anything about it. I did however say something along the lines of “oh man, that boy had good style” to my friend Miranda and glanced back to notice he was looking at me… Weird? I believe it was no other then this beautiful boy in a black cloak.

So I went on a little 24 hour trip to Toronto for CMW to visit some friends from Victoria who were doing a show at Wrongbar as part of a showcase for Unfamiliar records and MuseBox.


Here’s the singer from Lioness , the band that opened the show. They were so awesome but when she tried to give me a flyer, I tried to explain I wasn’t from Toronto but over the loud music, she probably didnt get it and kind of just walked away. Awkward? I like that she had 2 awesome pairs of shoes on stage with her though, but wore neither and just did her thang in gold socks. 


This is after Ryan was off to drive the members of Lioness and their things back to their jam space, the bar was closing so we had to wait outside with all the gear. It was cold.


Here are pretty much some of my favorite people ever. We met 2 years ago at the Fringe fest when they were looking for a place to crash. They are just so precious that I even convinced myself that driving to Toronto with some strangers I met off craigslist was a good idea just to see their lovely faces for a few hours. The verdict? So worth it. Hopefully they’ll be back for the Fringe to share their cuteness/awesomeness with Montreal s’more. Listen to their band here and do it now before they become really famous so you can tell people how much cooler you are to have discovered them ”before they became really big”.

It’s no secret that thefriendattack and pregnant goldfish get along just lovely. It’s likely you’ll see some of our photos on her wicked website, and because she’s so adorable and we love her, she’s been taking some streetstyle photos and sending them into our inbox. Check ’em out!

These next three are from her latest trip to Toronto:




And this one was taken backstage at the Teenagers: