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This girl is doing something very good right here.  it’s sort of hard to pinpoint why she is so hot.  it might be because of her strange/cool outfit, or that big straw bag, but I think it has more to do with that look on her face that says she is smiling on the inside and probably has a secret.



dont you just love couples who match?  Well I do.  and these two have the right idea.  especially his shoes.  they remind me of penguins and tailcoats but in this case that’s a very good thing.  Two thumbs up for these two.

Now dont get me wrong, I love Kensington market just as much as everybody else does… but there is something seriousely annoying about it.  It’s like there’s this mandatory requirement that you have to have a vintage bike with a basket, and the basket has to have flowers woven through it. 

It’s cute to see a pretty girl riding on one of those bikes, but it’s not cute when every other person fits that description.  Sorry if I’m ranting, but I just feel like (and I’ve said this before) every Toronto hippy/hipster who grows up and realizes that their art/music/drama/phishhead/graphic design career has gone nowhere, settles down in Kensington at age 35 to retire.  and by retire I mean, sit on their front porch, grow dreads, drink iced soy latte’s, eat tempeh and not wear a shirt/shoes while waving to their fellow retirees.  

Aside from all that, Kensington Market is definately a cool place, with good cheese, and lots of vintage shops and maybe the best candy store EVER. 



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Sure it’s sunny right now, but Stephanie and I just escaped a massive storm. We spent the afternoon eating Chow Mein, sitting down on wet chairs outside Four Brothers and hunting down well dressed people. Turns out we only got 4 photos, 2 of which were friends of ours. After a while, we decided to re-strategize, so I went to Le Chaînon, bought a lawn chair and we went to sit outside the Mont Royal metro. Now, I’m bringing my lawn chair around with me everywhere I go. You may judge me, but then you’re stuck waiting for a friend and you’re like ”what the fuck am I gonna do now!!!!!” and you cry and you beat the ground with your fists, you better wish you had a lawn chair. Ooooh yeah, you would.

Also, my dearest little muffin Stephanie N., pictured above, is finally taking big steps into adult hood on Thursday. ”What?” you might say! ”How come I see her out all the time?”. Well, I mean, Steph is twice my height and looks older than I do. In any case, should you want to come over and celebrate in my hallway before the Peer Pressure showdown, feel free to contact me, but you better be bringing wine and cupcakes! And sparklers. And bubbles. And a puppy.

Yesterday night we went to Babydolls, the wonderful strip club/party venue mentioned back here.  I don’t really remember much of the night, but it seems the pictures tell quite a story. 


Thanks to my wonderful friend Jonathen for that one.  He probably doesn’t want this up here, but there’s no way I could resist.


This guy drank 1/2 a mickey of rum in one mouthful, we took this photo and half a block later… THIS was the result.


if I didn’t already know she was bending down in this photo, I might mistake her for a well dressed dwarf.


this guy was having the best sleep of his life for the entire duration of the afterparty.  I wonder if he woke up in a hospital gown…


for the rest of the photos from Saturday night click on the banner below:



I can’t be 100% sure what’s happening here, but this guy looks 50% pirate and 50% Bruce Willis


 since I’m on the topic of pirates, this is what a pirate would look like if he read i-D and had all his teeth.


As I took these photos, a crowd of scummy, 40-something year old men gathered off to the side to watch, and when she put her leg up on his shoulder their cheers could be heard on the other side of town, which is about a 2 hour drive…

 click on the banner below for the rest of the photos from the Tight Pants party at White Orchid.


Au Revoir Simone

Last week, I went to see Au Revoir Simone at Sala Rossa. I was able to get a few shots of the willowy and mysterious beauties before they took the stage. I was impressed by how down-to-earth and how not only were they not in the least snoby, but they were just extremely sweet and played ”Follow Me”, kind of like a musical Simon Says on Dane’s toy keyboard (oh yeah, Dane, I borrowed it). I spent the day making cupcakes and then headed out to soundcheck were the girls and their lovely tour manager Kim greated me with a wave and smile as I walked through the doors. Maybe because I was carrying the Winks instruments? In any case, you can read my account of the night and the show on indyish here and check out the grainy shots I got of them. The other photos are on my flickr, here. They’ll be back for Osheaga, were I’ll be on task getting some sweet sweet streetstyle (festival style?) and I’ll be blogging and photo-taking all the action for indyish!! Yeeeeeeeeah!
au revoir simone
au revoir simone
au revoir simone



Welcome to the lovely island of Saint John!! Come for a lovely travel threw the fascinating jungles of the Johners! Barbeques are the best part of summer in the John. Julia cooked us a lovely feest of human meats. Did you know Saint Johners are cannibals?


Here we see a special speciman. Where is he going? Probably too a local hoe down or shin dig. Or maybe a visit to fort how where he could enjoy a lovely view of the ocean, and maybe a special moment with special somebody.


The most beautiful gurl in town is Courtelina Crosbinaboo. She is a princess and requires her men to catch one small fresh child a day for her family to eat. She forse feeds all of the meats molassass.


While i was skipping downtown one day a beam of rainbow lights and sparks flashed before me and HRM came down from the clouds and picked me up. She told me to stop killing all those field mice. She set me down climbed a tall building and jumped into the heavens.


This is Puca she collects shells on the beach all day and refuses to eat all the human meats like the rest of the johners. She enjoys long skipps in the saint john jungles. Playing with the monkeys and sketching astrology and math on the sand with her toes and fingers crab style.


This is Jonathan Richman the richest man in Saint John and Nimnopnoly his lovely wife. The live on the highest mountain in the saint john jungles. They become super heroes at night and fight all the crime in the city and give the meats to all the peasents.


This is my ex lover how could she do this to us you didn’t think id find out. eat the blood i shed for you lover. i imagine your face and i scream. im terrified.
remember when we kissed under the stars? i can’t want to see you, i’ve missed you oh too long. If your still fucking that cunt i’ll kill you. i’ll kill her too. i’ll drink your blood lover and kick and scream. im terrified. don’t ever let me go. tell me you love me! cuddle me all night lover, you better not let me go. i’ll show you. you’ve got it comeing!



Check out what Toronto website, BlogTO had to say about the Ed Banger afterparty at Mod Club…  strange write-up, but worth a read anyhow. 

 Daftest Party Ever – Busy P and Co. Make Mod Club Go Crazy

Also, while I’m on the topic of Toronto, I thought I should mention our friend Trevor’s recent appearance on the front page of Toronto Star’s entertainment section, most notably for his strange/wicked choice of Babydolls (a seedy Toronto strip joint) as a new party destination.   Trevor needs to tell me when the next one is, so that I can go and take incriminating photos like this one…


more photos from the night:  Hipsters vs. Strippers  by

UPDATED: The Next Babydolls party is this Saturday Night.  For Info click HERE.

I also thought it would be nice to mention how ridiculous it is that Blizzarts is now a regular thing 4 nights in a row.  Plateau Saturdays, whatever it is on Sundays, this new thing on Mondays, and Teen Wolf Tuesdays… new spot needed?  I think so.  It’s not that I dont like Blizzarts (because trust me I do) I just think that something different is desperately needed, especially now that this big metal fence is up on the sidewalk.  Just wait… Martika and I have something wonderful in the works.

Hint:  daytime + loft + whatever you like to get fucked up on = coming soon.


This photo makes me happy. Dane’s been gone back home for a little while and I’ve been missing the near daily back-alley hangouts. Here it looks like he’s trying to fly but people should know that’s just the way he walks. Stay tuned for some New Brunswick streetstyle!!

Marie Jane is small, Quebecois, and currently has blond hair.   She takes pictures and makes magic.  We love Marie Jane because she gets really drunk and screams a lot.  Here are some of her pictures from Ed Banger,


for more Marie Jane, go to Janeuh.

Daft Punk official Ed Banger / Throne of Blood Afterparty pictures from the S.A.T. are up.  Click on the link below:


and now for a taste of the crowd…


You gotta love it when people are dedicated to take a good picture. So when this guy ripped off his shirt and pulled down his pants, we (I?) knew he was a keeper.


Coordinated and HOT. You can’t tell from this photo but Devon has a new haircut and it’s super cute. And Madhuri? Miaow!


Ok, so I was drunk and got the hand in front of the flash but it’s ok because there’s another picture in the set. I love this shirt. I love the Shinning. I watched it when I was younger in Thailand with some friends and we couldn’t sleep all night. Now I watch it and laugh. I love my Jack Nicky.


You’ve got to love Thunderheist‘s Isis and her Red Bull Vodkas. It’s ok, get drunk, get wild.

The photos just don’t do the party justice and  I can’t possibly describe it enough, so here is Busy P’s description of the Sunday night. 

Check out Busy P’s Daft Punk Tour Blog

Guys, Marilis is too modest to post this herself, but she recently had a photo session with Montreal band, Think About Life.  This is no small feat, seeing as Think About Life is no small band.  In fact, most of you music savvy people probably know their music and if you don’t than just click below, let it load, and enjoy it while you look at their cute wet bodies.  

 Think About Life – Paul Cries

To top it all off, the photos look fantastic and colourful and happy, and by the smiles on all their faces I think they had a great time during the shoot.

We Love you Marilis. 

Daft Punk official Toronto Ed Banger party pictures are up!  ed-banger-banner-done.jpg

Last night Daft Punk played Arrow Hall, a big empty airplane hanger in the outskirts of Toronto. To all you Montrealers… be prepared to have your expectations shattered. Next came the afterparty put on by A.D/D at the Mod club, plus the afterparty-for-the-afterparty at Ourspace, equalling an unparalleled night. Toronto truly was banged by Ed Banger, and we hope they come do it again soon.

The Montreal photos from the Peer Pressure 2nd Anniversary are up!

Here’s a little preview in the streetstyle department,  

Kind of like the jersey/boy version of this:

I love to love. But my baby just loves to dance. Holyshit, my neighbours are having a party and are obviously really wasted because they keep singing along to the music and so far they’ve done all the Eric Lapointe classics, I Will Survive, some Sheryl Crow and lots of Celine Dion. And sang Denis happy birthday 3 times. Oh Pointe St-Charles…

I’ve cut down a lot on smoking recently, but i usually keep emergency cigarettes in my purse. This is just taking it to the next level in the best possible way.

Saturday night was a big night because i finally got to see Thunderheist. It would have been the 5th time I’d have missed them when I had intended to see them. BUT IT WASN’T.

I was sick when they played at the Saboteur ball. I had gotten there late at the Plastic Little show because I was at Blonde Redhead and missed them. When they played the Pop Off tour, we got to Main Hall to find out that it was overcapacitated. NOT COOL. We ended up going to Green Room and dancing and when Dane tried to sneak in and it worked, I tried the ”hey, i’m a photographer” card and it worked so easy, i had to kick myself. We caught the end of Yo Majesty, but missed Thunderheist. However, after talking to the ladies of Yo Majesty and this guy Rudolph, Remi and I headed out to Ottawa the next day to see them. Long story short, Remi not having any legal Canadian ID was a problem, we could not find a liquor store to save our lives, they had no olive oil at Subway, Rudolph tried to sneak us in the backdoor but no good and this man tried to kill us, so we ran back to the bus station. No Thunderheist.

Oh yeah, Isis, you owe me a photo. Look at those legs!!!!!

Steph Naday was at my place and stressing out over when to leave in order to make it there on time because she had no ticket. We ended up cabbing to oldgold where she got the last one and we ran into Kerne who was undecided as to whether or not to get those shoes. We think he made the right decision.

Check out the Toronto photos!


check to see who else is caught with their pants down…untitled-335.jpg

And check out the Montreal photos here!

This is Sarah Cassidy. Sarah Cassidy is always talking about all the boys who want to date her. Sarah Cassidy makes my head spin around and around trying to keep track of all her male suitors. With Obesity on the rise, we should all thank Sarah for doing her part in providing men with workouts as they chase after her.

if her legs were any longer, she would get a head rush in the morning.

If I was a stranger I wonder what I would say about myself…. hmm… well aside from the fact that my clothes look like they belong to a pre-pubescent boy, and my hair looks like a wet poodle, I’d give me a solid 5/10, which means I probably don’t deserve to be on here… oops.

now this girl, she was really cute. Like, SO cute. She was wearing a pretty little dress from Norway… Oslo if I remember correctly. In fact, she is from Norway too, not just the dress. Isn’t she just the epitomy of a Norweigan: blond and beautiful?