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First of all, when we asked to take their photos, the guy was on his phone and basically the 3 second encounter was like this. We asked to take the photo, they posed and then he went right back on the phone and they walked away like this was just one of those things that happen all the time. We also really like them because we heard that later, that girl took off her skirt and danced in just that leotard. Goood job kids.



She gave us a really small smile and went off with her friends. Thank you little deer, you look good on a dancefloor.


Dane and I stole some balloons outside a home one time and then we went style hunting. We got to Blizzarts where all the cool people are outside smoking and someone popped our balloons with a cigarette. I was so angry I threw my pack of Du Maurier Extra Light (the same ones my dad smokes and I grew to liking) on the ground and pouted. Eventually I got over it and picked up the littering.


I found this guy pouting outside The Juan Maclean at The Drake Hotel in Toronto. He made his shirt which is cool, and i know artists are supposed to be all emotional and stuff but this guy was just a douche. I know we avoid being mean on our blog, but what a brat.

Steve Aoki at House Nightclub:

It happened about 2 weeks ago and can be considered vintage. This was also the last night spent with Alison before her departure for Toronto. The club was pretty gross and everyone was fairly gross but we danced and partied like we were Lindsay Lohan.


Her photos from the night are here!


hi? hi?? best shirt ever!


you know this is what you’re going to dream about tonight.



Marvin’s probably screaming because he still hasn’t found his white slip ons and Adam’s just like ”whatever man” and starts brushing his hair.


oh, hello!


Dane almost didn’t buy these thinking he wouldn’t wear them, but sunglasses with flashlights on either side just made so much sense, i managed to convince him to get them.


Alison’s hand pointing menacingly. Sars’ saying ”I didn’t do it, i swear!” and Mikayla is just turning away innocently.



People went a little crazy for Roberto.






Nice try, but Alison still has the better curls.





This is for you feet fetishers.





On the way to the market, Rufus and Brenda picked up some hay. ”The kids can use it to make stuffed Jesus’ at bible study,” Brenda said and she stuffed it in her purse.

Steven made that dress that Brenda is wearing. They’re just so crafty!


Cookie teleported her from the 15th Demention in search of water and cookies that she read so much about. In her demention people love baby pants. Cookie has a huge penis she hides in her baby pants that she keeps at home to bone. When we said good bye to cookie she screamed beam me up baby pants and shot of into the night sky off with to uffs.

 copy1.jpgClementine is on vacation. Her favorite color is blackish pink, and she loves her magic boots. Shes not into drugs and likes to lay on the grass spelling out messages of love for the pigeons flying above.

pink lady part however many


On this day i found this strange gurl crawling out of a parking garage. When i asked her what she was doing she started singing Lisa Manelli songs and then commited uncontrollably. Her shirt is the most splendid treat in the world, congrats mary manelli.

remember this?


Another slendid treat of a shirt. Kitty kat killer was giving Mr. Freezy a blow job at the Fringe Festival, when security dragged her out while she was kicking and screaming cutting her hair, and burning the officers with cigarettes in the faces. Afterwards we all went to Parking and gave out some more blow jobs.

He is shy.  Does anybody want to go on a date with him?  I’ll pay for dinner.


looks like they belong in a wrestling ring.


The highrise jean skirt with the tie at the front and the vent at the back and that floral top is basically flawless, absolutely stunning. By the way, click on the photo to see who I’m talking about, she’s hidding.

Oh yeah, and don’t let our long faces fool you, we fucking love Pink Lady.


This is our blog so we can do what we want. So if we want to be in photos, we’ll be in photos. In fact, we’re in a lot of photos. Here is Dane. He hates to eat fish and he has great nipples.

Did you ever have that drinks ”Pink Lady” from the Pharmaprix brand? It sounds like a cheesy as hell foreign prostitute with stars on her tits but trust me, although the STDs of that prostitute and the chemicals and sugar in that drink are probably on the same level not-so-good health-wise, but we’re young, stupid and it just tastes so good. 

Oh yeah, and that girl has a really nice bag.


Oh sure, she looks cute and angelic in her white outfit, but then we see her partying to Steve Aoki and we’re like ”that’s our girl”. Truth is the Steve Aoki run-in is more of a blur, in fact, a total gap in my mind, but the photo tells it all.


special steve aoki nightlife-streetstyle clash edition in the works, when my cornea heals.


For a while, this one was labelled ”For anyone? He’s cute!”. Meaning any of the three of us could do the write up for him and that, yes, he’s pretty cute. Granted I just got laser eye surgery and can’t see well just yet but we’ll give him and A+ and a high five. The whole one-eyebrow up is a keeper, keep that in mind Paul (we’ll call him Paul).


This is Risa, the co-founder of Indyish. You might have seen her flying between the ”Beer tent”, Green Room and Club Lambi throughout the Fringe. That probably has to do with the fact that she is a superhero.


This looks like a person, but really, it’s a robot with personality issues. He thinks he’s a hip hop gansta.


This is Milford Camp. He has been designing a line of pimp clothing since the early 80’s. When asked what he does exactly, he informed us that he “pimps clothes not ho’s”.


We hate Budweiser, but when caught of guard by the president of Abu Dabi we certainly were craving one. We went and bought a pack, and put them in our pocket. I think i see some camel toe???


After a couple accidents and spending time in the emergency room Kelly Flaunders desided to always were her caution vest. After we took this picture Kelly fell into a well.


Meet Grafeldafeind from Arizona. She loves horseradish, cactus’s, pina colada’s and Elvis. Grafeldafeind goes to McGill studying magic. One day she plans to marry David Blaney. Good Luck Grafeldafeind Blaney.


Tess came to visit me at the Beer Tent one Fringe morning and when I insisted her photo needed to be taken because she was stylin’, she played hard to get claiming to be waaaay to hung over for that. Then when I showed her the picture, she said ”actually, I’m pretty cute!” and she is. We like Tess because she goes shopping for fruits early in the morning, she moves funny and she’s the kind of person that should have a mini version made of herself that people could carry around in their pockets and talk to when they’re feeling blue. 


When I asked Chloe Lum of Seripop to describe their art, she said one word, schizophrenic. Her partner, Yannick Desranleau and herself also play in AIDS Wolf and hamborghinni.


Cam’ron told a ’60 Minutes’ interviewer that he’d rather be forced to wear costume jewelry than snitch on a good old-fashioned mass murderer, explaining that “It would be bad for business. “If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me? I wouldn’t call and tell anybody on him — but I’d probably move. But I’m not going to call and be like, The serial killer’s in 4E.”

Snitchin‘ 4life.



This photo actually looks like Thalia’s being followed by zombies, or gypsies or something. Montreal’s finest gyombies. She’s clearly not very worried about getting her wallet (and her skin) stolen.


This is a picture of me in my bicycle shorts. They’re new. This would be a great picture, but the guy with the bicycle is blocking the shot. I don’t know where he came from but he sure is cute.


I forget what this guy and I talked about but he was balancing on his lawn chair and his store sells some really sweeeeeeet stuff, that you wont see coming out of Urban Outfitters (not yet at least). Anyways, go check it out: Old Gold (Mont-Royal w. of St. Denis)


This is miss Léanna Glance from the Fringe play Great. Now I have to burn my sheets! She’s posing in front of a bench at Parc des Amériques that is covered with posters of her show, the one where she’s holding up sheets.