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To make up for our lack of activity in these current dark, cold, and snowy days, our dear Darryl went on a little field trip to Stockholm after his Berlin Showcase and look at the goodies he brought back on his memory card!!


Everyone’s in black in the Stockholm wintertime, which doesn’t make for great photos.  But this guy doesn’t give a shit.  I don’t know where he got that tribal mask, or why he’s carrying it around, but with shoes like that he can do just about whatever he wants.


This is Cornelia, at SpyBar.  SpyBar is this great little place where there’s a pointer at the door, regardless of how many people are inside.  Entrance is about 20 dollars, and beer is about 10.  Needless to say, it’s necessary to get shit-faced before you go.  As for Cornelia, well she would save my life 2 days later, when I missed a flight and was wandering around Stockholm without shelter and a very heavy suitcase.  She put me up for the night and we ate candy and pizza and mourned the hit my bank account took by having to buy a plane ticket a day before the flight.  Usch.

 Here’s a few goodies from last Thursday, just click on the banner below to see all the love:
And here are some highlights:
Above is from the Brave Radar’s set  at the Fixture Records Valentine’s showcase- white socks never looked so good. And below are from both the cold streets of Montreal and the Worn Journal Karaoke Party!!



But she clearly doesn’t… Check them out, resting on her head. Downtown Montreal scares me on a regular basis…


A combination of mostly Marilis’s photos, plus a few from Team Alison/Angelo are up from the Nu Ravers on The Block 1 year party with Petit Pilous and Felix Cartal and more DJ’s that I cant remember, at the SAT.

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It’s no secret that thefriendattack and pregnant goldfish get along just lovely. It’s likely you’ll see some of our photos on her wicked website, and because she’s so adorable and we love her, she’s been taking some streetstyle photos and sending them into our inbox. Check ’em out!

These next three are from her latest trip to Toronto:




And this one was taken backstage at the Teenagers:


A Marilis/Alison post with the photos from Nu Ravers 1rst Anniversary are coming soon, but until then, feast your eyes on the ridiculous amount of photos from Martika’s birthday, by clicking the banner below:


and on how beautiful mah girl is:


The dear Darryl is still in Berlin, doing his Street Clash thang, and here’s some of the photo taking he’s been doing out there while we dream of faraway european lands. Make sure you go vote for his Toronto and Wedding Dress photos and for whichever your favorite and most stylish city is, and you can do so by clicking on the lovely little yellow and black box bellow.


Just when I thought I’d forgotten my cynicism back in Toronto, I found these 3 Vancouver kids who reminded me what blasé really meant.  Just look at those unimpressed faces.  Oh take me back home.


On one very special evening, Sereina decided to dress up as an Indian and do a lot of drugs.  I asked where I should take the photo, she said the bathroom of course.  The eyeliner she used to paint those tribal markings on her face smudged, so I think she used a cigarette butt to touch them up.


FUR IS ALWAYS IN.  Especially if it’s with a snakeskin handbag.


I like you because you’ve got that scuzzy french look to you. And maybe a little bit of jaundice even.


This young frauline seemed very inconvenienced when I asked her to take off her jacket.  But the result is pretty zuper, as the Germans say.

Well most of you are probably already aquainted with this little Alsacien country boy, but anyways, hi remz remz!  




Remi is best known for his ability to produce awkward silences at dinner party by referencing his less then normal childhood in a menonite community. He has a very soft voice and tendencies of babbling on in Alsacien when he’s had a few too many Boris’. It needs to be known that if Remi sends you an email, you had better answer, or he will hold it against you. Remi and I spend our time together speaking a weird hybrid of french that no one understands except us, and sometimes, not even us, but we don’t really mind. Once a year, Remi goes into hiding, and he’s just bought seasons of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Arrested Development, so my best bet is that this time has come, but don’t worry, as soon as the snow melts and the parties start being ridiculously frequent, I can almost state with fair certainty that he will be seen breaking it down alsace-style on the dancefloor. WATCH OUT!

I’ve finally put up some pictures are from a special night that Brendon DuVall (aka DUVALL) and Richard Beynon (aka King Richard) played at Club Soda.

img_0933_resize.jpg(click on the banner above to see all the photos)


I find myself thoroughly enjoying the cover of this week’s Mirror, featuring the boys behind Nu Ravers On the Block! We’ll be at the one year anniversary, taking snaps of your cute faces, so here’s hoping you’ll all be making it out there!

Read the article by the fantastic mr. Jack Oatmon here to find out more about the boys’ day job.

And check out these photo albums for photos from previous Nu Ravers parties! We’ve been going to these little shindigs ever since it was back at Vinyl, living it up with glow-sticks. One of the most memorable moments was the night (pre-shut up you twit), where I lost my camera. The very same one that I have now. I’m just goddamn lucky. Enough reminiscing, here’s some pics:

With Mr. Flash at Academy

Another night at Academy

With Castle Vania

And a few more on flickr, by various lovely people, from before this blog, the ones I took are under the account name mariliscardinal. See you folks Saturday at the SAT!