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2 weeks late but with 2 bonus cute boys outside Blizzarts:


Vava voom, ahoy cowgirl! Where are you off too? i like the shiney shimmers head to toe, it’s too bad you didnt tease your hair and sport a fro. Where you off too missle toe.

Salutations too the sabbath sinners, dress in black and skip your diner. Monochrome makes one look thinner. I like your stance.

Two trendy beauties on the main stopped to take a photograph by dane. High waist skirts, tucked in shirts. Two big flirts, sweater sets work, big bags, smoking fags, white shoes, white hair, peep toes, toe hair.

Jingle Bells batmans girlfriend yells “i’m here to save the day” Jumped to the roof, took one big poof of a j and spent the day real amongst Batmobeer up the rear too bad i let him get a way hay.

This gurl has us turned on. I like her patchwork dress very pretty, did you make it?? Bake it? Put in a pan .

Let me see you bounce right to left and let your shoulder lean
let your shoulder lean, just let your shoulder lean
Ay, get it right, two step and let your shoulder lean, let your shoulder lean
just let your shoulder lean…

This gurl pulls the tuck in swell, her mother taught her well.

Coincedencially it was thunders and lighnings a couple moments after snapping this photograph. how appropiate she is too chooose a shirt that matches the weather.

Chelsi Claire Ceihledh the three C’s in combat stance. Speaking of stance, Chelsi you should always pose like this like a flamingo!!!! You should be wearing a pink flamingo swimming dress… i’ll make you one.

WHOooooo, these two religious freaks stopped me on the street telling me the end of today is later tonight. Spooky girls…

Daddy and baby, nice diamonds, nice gold.

i heart you kitty


This is Cornelius after the rain in St. Louis Square. He is from Germany. This picture was taken some time ago but got lost in the mess of Pregnant Goldfish archives. Doesn’t he look beautiful?

I have a thing for perfect little pleats and braided hair and clearly this young lady is successfully achieving both of my requirements.

I am pleased to announce that I have finally emerged from 10 solid days of depression and self-pitying sarcasm after moving to New York and being robbed two weeks ago.  Although I no longer have any clothes, shoes, laptop, camera or belongings I am ready to go on another 3 year mission for the perfect vintage Doc Martens (size 7 if anybody has some lying around they want to donate).

But here are some of the wonderful photos that were part of a special Montreal streetstyle spread Pregnant Goldfish is doing for NYLON Japan this fall.  If I took your picture and its not here, its because it was on my laptop which by now has probably been traded for drugs in some slum in New York.  More to come.


Dane’s ban from Blizzarts has been lifted and we’re really t’go! Come say hi at our 1 year anniversary at Teenwolf Tuesdays, the Peer Pressure weekly at Blizzarts! I’ll bring goldfish crackers, you bring the champagne. Hosted by fellow brace face Shadi with DJs A-Rock and Hatchmatik. It’s gonna be a good one!

Also, here’s a new birthday goodie for you, a brand new page! If you’re sick of reading our ramblings and just want to get to the street style, there’s a lovely new tab called ”street style” with all the photos (well, not the party ones) we’ve taken this past year. You can also just go here!

A year ago, we started this very blog by cataloguing the best looks from the Fringe Festival and Main Madness. It’s been a year and we’re still at it. Say hi to this handsome young fellow from Toronto who looks like a darling little farmer who escaped to come jam with the Sun Ra Arkestra at the fringe.

This mysterious quiet beautiful lady was also spotted around the same place at the Parc des Amériques, and not long after I took this photo, this happened:

Tonight will be the vernissage of the street style exhibition ”Shoot Me” in Dublin, where my two favorite blogs, Street Clash and Hel Looks will be featured along with a few photos from Pregnant Goldfish!! Read more about it on Genius Blog.

Just outside the spring edition of Puces Pop looking exceptionally cute on a rainy day in her new pink vintage find.

Being in a cast during the summer can’t be very fun, however, these two prove that it’s not too hard to look good  with your one of your legs looking like something from robocop. This first lady had to pay 150$ for her new footwear after mis-interpreting the distance between 2 roofs and falling through. She also taught us that, to get sympathy from people, it’s better to say something like ”I fell down a flight of stairs”, and not start the sentence with ”I was so drunk that night…” Fair enough, hope we didn’t blow your cover. The second photo I took from our archives. Alison took it some time last summer.

Forgive my intrusion of non-street style but I’m in kind of a pickle. I have an empty room in my appartment and I need to rent it asap! Clicking here will lead you to the link to the craigslist ad! Contact me at marilis.cardinal AT gmail DOT com.