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The same building that brought you the Uffie after-party, aka Steve Tessier’s birthday, strike again, this time with a birthday for another one of their residents, the lovely lovely Martika! I kind of sort of love everyone living in that building, except for that bitchy neighbour who screams, so here’s a little tribute. It features people that live there now or might live there soon, so get ready to see some of the same faces. It’s also a continuation to the previous post, and secretly a way to pass along this message:



This lady is moving out. Want to live in her room? contact


And this is the young lad who’s appartment it is. Good gosh i love this boy!!


This is Michea, she might be your roomate! And behind her, that’s my big sister. She doesn’t live there… yet. And here’s a special little tribute to her and Marta because they had the most ridiculous outfits:




Michea hasn’t slept yet on this picture and it’s about 11AM. Look how beautiful!



As I took that picture, for some reason, I said “God this is so weird”. If you’re a possible futur roomate, don’t worry, this crazy boy lives accross the hall.



Yeah yeah, the party was Saturday and the photos are still m.i.a. Life’s tough, but you know, we’ll all get through it if we stick together. I’m still recovering right now, so hopefully these will keep you busy until the 300-something other photos reach the world wide web. Maybe? Let’s hope! For those of you who weren’t there and missed out, the lovely Martha ‘Martika’ Arguilar turning 21 and it all went down in the indoor parking lot of the Villeneuve Estates that turned into one of the most fun photo ops in a while. Think 2 hot mamas with black leotards with stockings on their heads (coming soon, soooo many of those photos), think Goldie Lock and the 3 bears, think about Cary’s 3 outfit changes. It was just good and fun.


This birthday girl scores the title of best facebook event tag line i think: “Because I’ll only turn legal again, once!”


See? Goldie Locks!!! The weirdest part of the night, was right when we were about to leave, there was a reaaaaaally heated argument about how that tale ends, if anyone knows, comment or email, i’m curious, but too lazy for google. I say they eat G. Lockz.


This is Erin pre-makeup. For some reason I felt really responsible for the bear faces and kept forcing them to come for makeup touchups.







I think the whole “concept” behind this photo is that the cops just showed up and we’re hidden behind a sheet and trying to be incognito. Bet the flash from my camera didn’t tip anyone off that there was someone there..


Final outfit change I believe, yes?


Look at that! A conceptual photo!! Read THIS article by Mirror Columnist, Jack Oatmon, to find out why. Here I am, looking confused, representin’ Shut Up You Twit, with my sort of mom/sister/daughter Laura from thefriendattack, and Julien and Jo from Superlaser! Sucha big happy family right?


And again, here with Saad, the vision behind saadvision:


On a more personal note, one of my photos also made it in that issue, a shot that I took of The Winks (minus the mustaches, here) and in this week’s, a photo of the band Think About Life, in a great article about the Distroboto machines.


Hey guys! So we’ve been showing you some beautiful Toronto street-style photos over the past few days, courtesy of Street Clash‘s Darryl Natale. Right now, the man of the hour is in Berlin, curating a live street style competition, similar to the one that went down last year on his blog, but this time, it’s both online and live. Out in Berlin (in the Wedding Dress district- hence the name), every day, people will visit the gallery where the photos from all 23 competing cities are posted (a new one is up ever day) and then they can go to a computer room next door and vote on 

AND YOU CAN TOO! (how car salesman of a sentence, but i’m sure it got your attention!)

Throughout the festival, you can (plus, we encourage you, tell you friends/mom/ex-boyfriend) vote to name Montreal the best dressed city. As of today, a different photo will be up, both in the gallery and on the internet and at the end of the festival, the city with the highest average wins! So fun right?

 So go on down now, and tomorrow, and the day after for the next 16 days to and vote your little heart out. And for good mesure, you can also do so here, just click on the yellow links at the bottom that lead you to each daily competition. How exciting!

Watch out for some beautiful street style photos of Berlin from Darryl in the days to come and vote for his Toronto pictures while you’re at it!


Meet Nolan. He threatened to sue me when I told him I sent his photo to the Korean Magazine Cracker Your Wardrobe, Isn’t he precious? Nolan and I go see a lot of movies, or at least used to until Lasalle College ate our lives away. I think we can both agree that the best of our recent most recent movie viewing would be I’m Not There, which is pretty much on everyone’s mind today, considering Heath Ledger’s death. From all the facebook statuses that were changed an hour or so after said death, I think Liam expressed it best when he said: “See you at the afterparty Heath!”

A new photo from the ever wonderful Mr. Darryl Natale over at Street Clash! I just spent a good while kind of hypnotized by the writtings on the wall, so if you have some time to waste right now, go to the bigger version of this photo and get your read on.


Sam stands in OCAD, in front of a really awful student art piece called ‘600 Things I Don’t Need.’ Or something.  One of the things the artist in question didn’t need was a Lilo and Stitch poster, which means that she probably owns that.  Just terrible.  Anyway, if anything can brighten up this dismal art disaster, it’s those golden brown locks.  Sam’s 6’2 if he was a foot, and belongs to that group of much-younger-but-much-more-attractive kids that are threatening to disrupt the natural order of things.  I mean, just look at those cheekbones!


Here’s another photo from this summer’s yard sale. What’s there to be said? Love the black and white.

PS, Dane, if you’re reading this, try to remember which of my neighbour’s stairs you ran up at Friday night’s party, yelled and scared their kids. Apparently he was NOT happy and I need to bring him a pie or something.

Here’s one more Toronto gem from Street Clash’s Darryl Natale. Right now he’s living the life in Berlin (more on that later) and I think I speak for all of us when I say how goddamn jealous I am of his lucky ass. No seriously though, hope you’re having fun D-Dawg!


By the time the 80s were over, I was just a fat-headed 4-year-old.  Alex hasn’t let them slip away. He IS the 80s.  The dazzle on his sweater told me so.


Edward Adam Finn is probably one of my favourite new people. First of all, he usually refers to himself using his full name, as in ”Hi Marilis, this is Edward Adam Finn speaking”. In this world of shortcuts and nicknames, it’s actually a bit of a phenomenon. This was taken paparazzi-style one night at green room. I mean, it’s not like he didn’t feel the intensity of my new flash flood over him, but lets just say he wasn’t expecting it.

By Street Clash’s Darryl Natale


Evanne, your magic cape gives Toronto hope for winter fashion.  Fly away, tell the people.


Holy late post. Here’s another member of Tosantos who played a show at Preloved for Pop Montreal Festival. Good kids, buy their CD! My flash was doing something weird that night, but you get the gist, I want that shirt.

Good Ol’ Darryl is on FIRE if I may, so here’s some more Toronto streetstyle for your tired eyes (or maybe just mine). May they soothe your mind, body and soul. Fear not, it’s not the last time we’ll be hearing from him, there’ll be some more on the way. 


Jesse was on the way to see her boyfriend at work, all dolled up. I don’t know what went down there, but that’s probably none of my goddam business. I had her take off her glasses, because they look great in real life, but sort of like an angry librarian in photographs.


I remember the day where I found out the Spice Girls were going back on tour this year. The excitement, then the deception that they weren’t coming to Montreal, then the anger when I signed the petition to get them to come visit, then the excitement again when I found out they were and finally the pretty deep depression at the fact that never will I be able to afford a ticket, and they’re all sold out anyways (figures).  Oh man, I mean… what are you going to do…


In any case, this is from the morning where I met Simon. I woke up, pretty much in the fetal position on my friend’s couch, my limbs in a riot against me, and incredibly hungover (it was the morning after this little shindig). And so I walked out onto the porch and there they were, all awake and having coffee, and there was Simon, playing some very happy music from an African band, and feeding us bagels (St-Viateur or Faimount, discuss). It was the beginning of an on-going kind of psychedelic friendship. He’s also got a sweet and also pretty psychedelic band called Gold Sword and he’ll be doing a reading at the next Indyish Monthly Mess. Hollar!


I met Viet on my first day of school at Lasalle and we went out for suchi that night. He’s one of the rare people I still like, so I guess that’s a good thing. A few minutes with him and you’ve got yourself a book full of memorable quotes. There actually really is a notebook full of things he’s said. Maybe I’ll post those up eventually. But more importantly, he’s a great designer. He made that jacket and also the dress from this shoot in the summer. He’s also about 3 apple tall. Don’t you want to roll him up in a little spring roll and munch on him all day? No? Ok yeah, me either.

Here are some more Toronto streetstyle goodies from our special collaboration with Darryl Natale. 


Joële’s was late for work, but taking a smoke break / photoshoot immediately upon arriving to work was apparently not an issue.  It seems as if she’s found my dream job.  I don’t know what I said to make her laugh, but I bet it was hilarious.


I considered mugging Janna for her glasses (Ebay, vintage Porsche, who I didn’t even know made glasses).  But I thought it best to just take a photo and covet them.  Janna is an artist, and you can see her art at  I think this ( one’s the prettiest.


Cia (see-yuh) has this really, really laid-back attitude about her. For example, she’d just quit her job to take a trip to New York.  No problems.  Cia, if I could pull off that coat, I would, but I’m afraid Toronto isn’t much ready for fur on men yet.  But you, you and that coat Cia, you’re ready to take on the world.  As for the site of this photo, maybe in retrospect I could have placed her somewhere with less trash floating around in the backdrop.   Or maybe it’s better this way.  See ya, Cia


What is there to say? It was amazing. The lineup was around the block at 9PM around the same time that Martika and I pulled 007 action movie mission and ran out of our houses to go get our stamps. The heat was unbearable, the crowd crazy, the whole night is a blur but it was a good time, so click on the banner above for all the photos, or just scroll down for a little bit of “streetstyle”. Cheers!


Pretty sweet tattoos no?


This was after Coda, we all went back to Saad, Martika and Michea’s for Steve birthday/makeshift after-party and indulged in face paint, dress-up, playing with household items and dancing until the early hours. Guess I wasn’t the only one who was feeling the red plaid, check the photo below!


Adam had a few good fashion moments that night, here’s two of them.





Thanks to global warming, it was wonderfully warm on Tuesday and it would have been a shame to waste such a nice evening, so Laura and I decided to go to Teenwolf Tuesdays at Blizzarts. We went over to Dane’s who was making some masks with our friend Ceilidh, listened to some CocoRosie and ate some string beans. Afterwards, they ran around the streets and took advantage of their newly found anonymity to yell insults at old co-workers or use the stringy hair part to whip attractive passersby and engage in conversation.



There’s a holiday party photo album in the works for Pregnant Goldfish, but until then, check out some photos from the last couple of days worth of shenanigans with Laura and Dane over on thefriendattack, here. And wait for Dane’s Martha Stewart like How To Make Animal Masks for Yiffing Parties.




The second that this picture was taken, somewhere, a whole herd of pastel coloured unicorns let out a cry of glee, some weird phenomenon happened in the ocean and cute fishies and sea horses lit up and started blinking and flashing in a wide range of neon colors and in some parts of the world, it snowed confetti. This young lady is the kind of sweet sweet gal you’d be proud to introduce to your grand-mother. Don’t you just want to feed her a shrinking mushroom, lock her up in a little golden cage, and carry her around with you? That’s how cute she is!

Take a look at what Nightlife had to say about some recent posts on our site, as well as Dane’s recent appearance on Montreal’s Superfreak list in Nightlife in November.


#2 Freak = Dane. and while we are on the topic of Dane I might as well share his wonderful mask making skillz with the rest of the world. Take a look at some photos that Laura of The Friend Attack captured of Dane at his best.


We haven’t had a lot of Toronto action in a while. Alison is back in Montreal, oh yay (for us) but her laptop is broken, oh no! So the ever awesome Darryl of Street Clash will be providing us with our fix of fashionable Torontotariens? Torontorites? People from Toronto! Aren’t they cute?


From Darryl: I pounced on this handsome couple (but not relationship couple, or else she’d be in for a big gay surprise) on my hungover crawl to work on a Saturday morning.  The weather had warmed up, and people on Queen street looked better than their usual winter selves.  These two had also just woken up, but were on a hungover crawl to breakfast.  The rip in her tights tells me that she knows how to have a good time, and that liquor store bag at their feet says that they might still be drunk.  Regardless, I was envious of these perhaps unemployed youngsters, because they probably got warm pancakes, and I got a cold and unfulfilling day of retail work.

Hey guys! Happy happy new year! It started off with a BAM although to be fair, i didn’t notice the countdown, but the party at SAT was amazing and the after-party was ridiculously good! Here’s a few photos of fellow party-goers who started the year out in style! I didn’t have a flash for a while and Alison’s laptop is broken, which is why the party section has been slightly quiet, but fear not, it’s back and better then ever.

Check out the photos from SAT and the after-party right HERE!









Kerne borrowed my camera to take this shot, and a few more that’ll be in the party section, and i’m glad he did, Simon’s jacket is probably the best take on the little red ridding hood you could ever ever get.


On our way home from the after party, around 7:30AM, Steve was taken over by a massive urge to pee, so he jumped right out of the car and did his buisness on the corner of Laurier and St-Catherine, wearing nothing but that leotard. We had to leave him there not to block traffic while Jay drove me home just down the street, but I think I would have paid to see the reactions of the people driving by. Too bad we didn’t get any photos!