Hey guys! So we’ve been showing you some beautiful Toronto street-style photos over the past few days, courtesy of Street Clash‘s Darryl Natale. Right now, the man of the hour is in Berlin, curating a live street style competition, similar to the one that went down last year on his blog, but this time, it’s both online and live. Out in Berlin (in the Wedding Dress district- hence the name), every day, people will visit the gallery where the photos from all 23 competing cities are posted (a new one is up ever day) and then they can go to a computer room next door and vote on 

AND YOU CAN TOO! (how car salesman of a sentence, but i’m sure it got your attention!)

Throughout the festival, you can (plus, we encourage you, tell you friends/mom/ex-boyfriend) vote to name Montreal the best dressed city. As of today, a different photo will be up, both in the gallery and on the internet and at the end of the festival, the city with the highest average wins! So fun right?

 So go on down now, and tomorrow, and the day after for the next 16 days to and vote your little heart out. And for good mesure, you can also do so here, just click on the yellow links at the bottom that lead you to each daily competition. How exciting!

Watch out for some beautiful street style photos of Berlin from Darryl in the days to come and vote for his Toronto pictures while you’re at it!