We haven’t had a lot of Toronto action in a while. Alison is back in Montreal, oh yay (for us) but her laptop is broken, oh no! So the ever awesome Darryl of Street Clash will be providing us with our fix of fashionable Torontotariens? Torontorites? People from Toronto! Aren’t they cute?


From Darryl: I pounced on this handsome couple (but not relationship couple, or else she’d be in for a big gay surprise) on my hungover crawl to work on a Saturday morning.  The weather had warmed up, and people on Queen street looked better than their usual winter selves.  These two had also just woken up, but were on a hungover crawl to breakfast.  The rip in her tights tells me that she knows how to have a good time, and that liquor store bag at their feet says that they might still be drunk.  Regardless, I was envious of these perhaps unemployed youngsters, because they probably got warm pancakes, and I got a cold and unfulfilling day of retail work.