Yeah yeah, the party was Saturday and the photos are still m.i.a. Life’s tough, but you know, we’ll all get through it if we stick together. I’m still recovering right now, so hopefully these will keep you busy until the 300-something other photos reach the world wide web. Maybe? Let’s hope! For those of you who weren’t there and missed out, the lovely Martha ‘Martika’ Arguilar turning 21 and it all went down in the indoor parking lot of the Villeneuve Estates that turned into one of the most fun photo ops in a while. Think 2 hot mamas with black leotards with stockings on their heads (coming soon, soooo many of those photos), think Goldie Lock and the 3 bears, think about Cary’s 3 outfit changes. It was just good and fun.


This birthday girl scores the title of best facebook event tag line i think: “Because I’ll only turn legal again, once!”


See? Goldie Locks!!! The weirdest part of the night, was right when we were about to leave, there was a reaaaaaally heated argument about how that tale ends, if anyone knows, comment or email, i’m curious, but too lazy for google. I say they eat G. Lockz.


This is Erin pre-makeup. For some reason I felt really responsible for the bear faces and kept forcing them to come for makeup touchups.







I think the whole “concept” behind this photo is that the cops just showed up and we’re hidden behind a sheet and trying to be incognito. Bet the flash from my camera didn’t tip anyone off that there was someone there..


Final outfit change I believe, yes?