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Merry Christmas everybody, here cums Missis Claws comeing to get you. She comes from Saint John, New Brunswick she loves to comb her hair sitting at home waiting for her captain. Her favorite color is red and when we asked her for a fashion tip she suggested to outline your face with a scarf or a hood and tinted glasses are back.

Wow nice shoes! This up and coming architect gay teenager, we have a secret for you. A middle aged lady named “Fergie” who is straight and married wants to dress up as a unicorn and let you do the most erotic things to her fluffy puffy bumm.

Hello new crush of mine. I love your golden shoes, i love your flaxen coat. Your mits, your spit… Your nose your toes. Can i be the thorn in your rose? I’ll come as Bambi, you cum as Thumper.

Teenage Mumma, feels good in the bumma! Has someone been fucking Mickey? Mickey spermed on your head girl. Nice socks sista, get back on street meet you on tha corner. Daddy needs some new clothes.



 This is Tessa! She and I are teaming up with Amy of Woodenapples Atelier to host a Clothing Swap this Saturday Dec. 1st.

Bring a bag of clothes you’re ready to get rid of and go home with all kinds of new goodies.

FREE (or $5 if you don’t bring clothing). We’re also hoping for some men’s clothing, so come one, come all! We’ll have some snacks too! Woo!! Invite your friends through the facebook event.

1pm: Drop off your clothes
We’ll sort through everything and arrange it by size and tops/bottoms, etc.
2pm: Come back and choose your new picks!

If anything, you should come by just to watch Tessa and I fight over a jewelled sweater. And check out that cute flyer by Conor!


And just because that outfit is crazy good, here she is again with another trendy young fellow, John Stewart, at the last Indyish Monthly Mess (check out their band Bedbug Bite here). Lets pray she decided she’s sick of that jumpsuit and swaps it!


Everyone needs a hero, and mine probably is this guy: Meet Milford Kemp. I was at work when I saw him prancing down the street and couldn’t resist getting a photo of him, again. The guy behind “I pimp clothes, not hoes.” will grace the pages of this blog for years to come.


He’s worth flickr-ing or google-ing. Check out his collection.

Here he is again, in his summer gettup:


Did you all pick up your copy of the last Nightlife magazine and notice that our favourite giant (apparently?) has been chosen as one of Montreal’s most notorious ”freaks” (again, their word, not mine). If I had a scanner, I’d scan that baby, but it would just be a lot easier and entertaining for you to just get yourself a copy. In the meantime, you can enjoy the photos that made it to the magazine, except bigger and in their full context.



 A whole lot of other great people made it in that list, for instance, our dearest Cary Tauben, sporting a Pregnant Goldfish photo. Cary has been spamming various websites such as with our blog address. We like to think we’re the ones behind her latest breakdown. Maybe if more of you followed Cary’s example, the celebrity gossip world would be more interesting.

Also, editor extraordinaire of Montreal’s sexiest zine, Amber Goodwyn, made the list. Check out the photos I got at the launch of issue 5 of the Likety Split Smut Zine at Zoobizarre over huurh.  You can also get yourself a copy of it here.

Oh yes, finally, the photos have arrived! Check them out here. I apologize that it took so long but i’ve been busy! Make sure you make it out to the Nu Ravers party THIS weekend and make up for my absence. It should be a good one.


This is Zach.   Zach is half man, half zombie, and half violin player, AND Zach may one of the only people in the world who is paler than me! Incredible.

In addition to his ghostly qualities, Zach is a photographer extraordinaire. When he is not ghost hunting in his grandparents basement, or drawing sketches of scary monsters, Zach’s hobbies include taking amazing pictures, giggling when he knows they’re good and looking deeply into his Macbook Pro and telling his Photoshop he loves her.

Go look at the some more of Zach’s work:

Zach Hertzman Photography

And propose your ideas to Zach and I, for the new project we are working on together…. just ask.

Here are some of the recent photos that he has done with Cary and I. (click to enlarge)


and finally………. before I kill Zach, and before Zach kills himself, here are the Halloween pictures from my house before Voyeur Halloween (click to enlarge)

and the rest…… (click to enlarge)


The Photos from Merk’s Birthday at Coda are up!

Click HERE to see the rest!!