This is Tessa! She and I are teaming up with Amy of Woodenapples Atelier to host a Clothing Swap this Saturday Dec. 1st.

Bring a bag of clothes you’re ready to get rid of and go home with all kinds of new goodies.

FREE (or $5 if you don’t bring clothing). We’re also hoping for some men’s clothing, so come one, come all! We’ll have some snacks too! Woo!! Invite your friends through the facebook event.

1pm: Drop off your clothes
We’ll sort through everything and arrange it by size and tops/bottoms, etc.
2pm: Come back and choose your new picks!

If anything, you should come by just to watch Tessa and I fight over a jewelled sweater. And check out that cute flyer by Conor!


And just because that outfit is crazy good, here she is again with another trendy young fellow, John Stewart, at the last Indyish Monthly Mess (check out their band Bedbug Bite here). Lets pray she decided she’s sick of that jumpsuit and swaps it!