This is Zach.   Zach is half man, half zombie, and half violin player, AND Zach may one of the only people in the world who is paler than me! Incredible.

In addition to his ghostly qualities, Zach is a photographer extraordinaire. When he is not ghost hunting in his grandparents basement, or drawing sketches of scary monsters, Zach’s hobbies include taking amazing pictures, giggling when he knows they’re good and looking deeply into his Macbook Pro and telling his Photoshop he loves her.

Go look at the some more of Zach’s work:

Zach Hertzman Photography

And propose your ideas to Zach and I, for the new project we are working on together…. just ask.

Here are some of the recent photos that he has done with Cary and I. (click to enlarge)


and finally………. before I kill Zach, and before Zach kills himself, here are the Halloween pictures from my house before Voyeur Halloween (click to enlarge)

and the rest…… (click to enlarge)