Did you all pick up your copy of the last Nightlife magazine and notice that our favourite giant (apparently?) has been chosen as one of Montreal’s most notorious ”freaks” (again, their word, not mine). If I had a scanner, I’d scan that baby, but it would just be a lot easier and entertaining for you to just get yourself a copy. In the meantime, you can enjoy the photos that made it to the magazine, except bigger and in their full context.



 A whole lot of other great people made it in that list, for instance, our dearest Cary Tauben, sporting a Pregnant Goldfish photo. Cary has been spamming various websites such as BritneySpears.com with our blog address. We like to think we’re the ones behind her latest breakdown. Maybe if more of you followed Cary’s example, the celebrity gossip world would be more interesting.

Also, editor extraordinaire of Montreal’s sexiest zine, Amber Goodwyn, made the list. Check out the photos I got at the launch of issue 5 of the Likety Split Smut Zine at Zoobizarre over huurh.  You can also get yourself a copy of it here.