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Hand that feather shoulder accesory over immediatly!!!!!!!!!!



222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222 222


Let’s roll her up and smoke her.


222 loves you


Hello Blossom, bussum buddy.


More dogggy style…

Picture 154


Meet my German penpal/webcam partner Anita O’baday we like to web cam durty all day all night.


Squirrlita’s gonna beat yeah, Squirrlita’s goonna seat yeah, Squirrlita’s gonna sit on your back and and beat on your seat, beat on your pete… tweet tweet tweet


The leader of the cult, Alexiss Taylor in full disguise prepareing for the nights kool aid festivities


2 of the cult followers ready to drink from the fountain of majiuna immortaity.


Always pretty girls comeing out of timmy hoe’s… do they sell Micheal Kors shoes there?


This photo is brought to you by the new Kodak Preview Future Looks Camera, Alison looks fresh for fall.


Pretty crotch flower dress, i love you


Always looking beauitful, Claire waiting at the airport for our long lost obamanabal snowman to come tor hungry town, full of hungry little townspeople.


Lookin good considering we both popped bums out of the oven.


Pic Nic Jam session percussion contortion mortification mortification passion party…



The most handsome boy in Montreal, in Saint John.


And the least handsome most grotesque boy in Montreal, in Montreal. Just kidding! He pulls of this Zara assemble better than you.

This is the last few pictures from that party last weekend.  Unfortunately I dont have time to write little stories because I am supposed to be studying, and clearly I am not.

show off party 1show off party 3show off party _2


Here are a few more of the cute boys and girls from the Show OFF party last weekend.  I like these two because they look like they just don’t give a shit, I mean, they clearly do, otherwise they probably wouldn’t have bothered getting dressed at all, but its refreshing to just see some good old grunge especially out at night.


these guys are the streetstylez of the future.  seriously.  whenever somebody says “you better call the fashion police”  they are who I imagine would show up to arrest the offender in question.


These are some of the lovely ladies from LBC and Baller’s Show OFF art show/vernissage/party at UPC boutique in Yorkville on the weekend.  More to come.


I dont know who she is, and I think we chatted a little.  But i basically just asked to take her picture and told her to keep on texting as if I wasn’t there.  and voila, a little bit of contrived nonchalance.

show offimage_2

This is Siena, she saved up all her allowance when she was in high school to buy those shoes.  Its true.  I always wanted to have a piggy bank, one of those glass ones, so that when I wanted something real bad, like those shoes, I could take a hammer and break it open.


On my way back from Dracula’s castle, these three stopped me to confiscate my candy.