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i loved this guy to jean coutu to buy batteries for his vibrater

i love these stances

best outfit ever, love the quiksilver!

puppies, and babies

i’m bisexual

i have that clown stitch in the window display.

i love krista and theresa!

I accidently made this a post rather then a page in our party section, but I just moved appartments yesterday, have no internet and my minutes are running out fast fast fast. So here’s a look at a Berlin party with DJ wonders Mirage Berlin Disco Crew last night. Make sure to hunt down these handsome boys if you make your way to Berlin, and once you’ve done so, shine your dancing shoes, get your hair did, and get ready to dance until breakfast time.

My camera got very fussy after 4 hours of shopping in the rain, but this german babe was patient and giggly while I tried to balance my tiny umbrella and my shopping bags. This precious doll has perfect glasses and she also had a very endearing little sing-song voice.

I interupted this incredibly beautiful pair in the middle of a lively conversation and caught them mid-giggle. They had not planned on the matching yellow, I can promise you that much. That cardigan is also the softest thing I’ve ever laid my hands on. Unfortunatly they’re not visible in this photo, but I’ve been told this handsome gentleman has quite an impressive collection of fancy socks. I love this city…

Your friend Dario is no lazy shit. If Marilis can post while she’s on vacation, I can manage something too.  So here’s some more beauties from the city where dreams come true (except hopefully not that terrifying one I had last week where I got AIDs)…

Bim and Maja lived in the same tiny Swedish town I stayed in for one year, and know everyone I do, but somehow it took Berlin to bring us together.  They function as one unit, living together and sharing all their food any money, and throwing Sin With Sebastian-themed parties.

This is my fiancée Elin.  It’s just for tax purposes though, and maybe a Swedish work visa.

This isn’t Prince, but that’s probably for the best.  He’s a beauty though, and probably cooler than Prince.

This is what people in Toronto would look like if they knew how to put their fully-stocked American Apparel closets together properly.

Monique is a Polish pixie and she is the next big thing, if I ever was certain about one thing.  She’s gone to London now to study fashion design, and the last time I saw her she was wearing her own creation that nearly killed me it was so beautiful.  Just wait.  And Mikhel comes from our home and native land.  I promised him some of the Canadian food that Marilis brought for me, but I ate it all already.

I guess these two are some sort of crazy comic book characters come to life.  They’re graphic designers and like every single person here in Berlin, Swedish.

Dimitri was the only person at Berlin Fashion Week that looked good.  At least for the hour I stood around looking for someone to take a photo of.  Really.

Emil Doesn’t Drive is part of Mirage, the best disco DJs in Berlin, and here he is.  Last weekend they threw an island party outside of Berlin, only accessable by boat.  If Marilis and I had slept a few hours in the 48 that preceded it, we would have had a lovely time there.  But instead we took a bunch of stress relieving drops and ate pizza and imported all dressed chips.

This was taken at the Fuck Parade.  It’s not what it sounds like, but in this case I wish it were.

Gute nacht, here is Germany’s summer hit to lull you and me to sleep.

After wondering the streets listening for some music that would lead us to the fuck parade, two beers, two cheeseburgers, a redbull and a bottle of cran-vodka later, we were dancing behind a truck that held DJs and a smoke machine and dance-walked our way through the city, sharing beers with strangers and getting ready for what would be a near 12-hours more of dancing at the Berghain that night. Unfortunatly, the no-camera rule means I have no pictures, but just close your eyes and picture the best night of your life and you’ll be about close to where I was that night, and then add to that the fact that around 5AM, 5 of my favorite familiar faces from Montreal appeared in the crowd.

This is Darryl again.

This is what policemen look like in Berlin.

This guy is just hanging out.

This is a really short person with some mad dance moves.

This girl didn’t know I was taking her photo but I like her magic toe-to-waist leather.

…staying with the boy who lived under the stairs.

The one and only Darryl. I’m currently in his kitchen, listening to Ace of Base and googling how to say “coffee” in German so I can get some caffeine going in my bloodstream and probably set out to get lost in the city while he’s at work. I decided I’ll be cataloguing his style while I’m here, because it’s good. This is from the first day I got there. He had left his keys for me and after lugging about 30 pounds of my personal belongings through the whole city for 2 hours to find his place, I dragged everything up the 3 flights of stairs, found his bedroom and collapsed on the floor, which is exactly where he found me when he returned. It’s currently day 3 but I feel like I’ve been here forever. I might also never return at this rate. So for August, you’ll be seeing a lot of Berlin photos, and Montreal/Toronto beauties courtesy of Dane and Alison.

My wonderful 1 month stay in Toronto is rapidly coming to an end, but today I went grocery shopping with my dad and I haven’t done that in a long time.  And while he wasn’t looking I managed to sneak 1 jar of marshmallow fluff and 1 box of assorted flavors Gushers into the cart.  So now I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Last night I went to Circa to see a Icelandic group called Steed Lord.  They are about 11/10 on the cool scale.  The entire time I was begging Siena to let me interview them, because I needed some more material to use in the wet dream I was planning on having later that night about the blond haired guy

and when I had finally bugged Siena enough and she agreed to let me come in for the interview, the blond guy wasn’t even there.  Needless to say, I didn’t get the material I needed, and all my wonderful dream aspirations were a flop.  Better luck next time.

This is Siena, she is trying to look all serious here, but really she looks a little like a pirate.

This is pirates, but I don’t really think he looks like a pirate.

This is Rice.  She is the star of Beethoven.

this one time I told Mikey that I loved the amazing pattern on his shirt and scarf, and then he showed up at my pool party last weekend with a wonderful present for me.  Thanks Mikey.

this picture speaks for itself.  Its too bad my crap loaner camera and my crap camera skillz don’t do the orange hair and leather jacket combo justice.

This is Dustin.  He stole all my drink tickets and then drank so much that he walked into the glass wall protecting the Louis Vuitton Horse.

Speaking of wet dreams, (minus the hunchback maker outers blocking our view) this Louis Vuitton horse at Circa is the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery.  Except that the horse would be alive and it would patiently wait for me outside school everyday so I could ride it up St. Laurent, home to my house.