After wondering the streets listening for some music that would lead us to the fuck parade, two beers, two cheeseburgers, a redbull and a bottle of cran-vodka later, we were dancing behind a truck that held DJs and a smoke machine and dance-walked our way through the city, sharing beers with strangers and getting ready for what would be a near 12-hours more of dancing at the Berghain that night. Unfortunatly, the no-camera rule means I have no pictures, but just close your eyes and picture the best night of your life and you’ll be about close to where I was that night, and then add to that the fact that around 5AM, 5 of my favorite familiar faces from Montreal appeared in the crowd.

This is Darryl again.

This is what policemen look like in Berlin.

This guy is just hanging out.

This is a really short person with some mad dance moves.

This girl didn’t know I was taking her photo but I like her magic toe-to-waist leather.