…staying with the boy who lived under the stairs.

The one and only Darryl. I’m currently in his kitchen, listening to Ace of Base and googling how to say “coffee” in German so I can get some caffeine going in my bloodstream and probably set out to get lost in the city while he’s at work. I decided I’ll be cataloguing his style while I’m here, because it’s good. This is from the first day I got there. He had left his keys for me and after lugging about 30 pounds of my personal belongings through the whole city for 2 hours to find his place, I dragged everything up the 3 flights of stairs, found his bedroom and collapsed on the floor, which is exactly where he found me when he returned. It’s currently day 3 but I feel like I’ve been here forever. I might also never return at this rate. So for August, you’ll be seeing a lot of Berlin photos, and Montreal/Toronto beauties courtesy of Dane and Alison.