Your friend Dario is no lazy shit. If Marilis can post while she’s on vacation, I can manage something too.  So here’s some more beauties from the city where dreams come true (except hopefully not that terrifying one I had last week where I got AIDs)…

Bim and Maja lived in the same tiny Swedish town I stayed in for one year, and know everyone I do, but somehow it took Berlin to bring us together.  They function as one unit, living together and sharing all their food any money, and throwing Sin With Sebastian-themed parties.

This is my fiancée Elin.  It’s just for tax purposes though, and maybe a Swedish work visa.

This isn’t Prince, but that’s probably for the best.  He’s a beauty though, and probably cooler than Prince.

This is what people in Toronto would look like if they knew how to put their fully-stocked American Apparel closets together properly.

Monique is a Polish pixie and she is the next big thing, if I ever was certain about one thing.  She’s gone to London now to study fashion design, and the last time I saw her she was wearing her own creation that nearly killed me it was so beautiful.  Just wait.  And Mikhel comes from our home and native land.  I promised him some of the Canadian food that Marilis brought for me, but I ate it all already.

I guess these two are some sort of crazy comic book characters come to life.  They’re graphic designers and like every single person here in Berlin, Swedish.

Dimitri was the only person at Berlin Fashion Week that looked good.  At least for the hour I stood around looking for someone to take a photo of.  Really.

Emil Doesn’t Drive is part of Mirage, the best disco DJs in Berlin, and here he is.  Last weekend they threw an island party outside of Berlin, only accessable by boat.  If Marilis and I had slept a few hours in the 48 that preceded it, we would have had a lovely time there.  But instead we took a bunch of stress relieving drops and ate pizza and imported all dressed chips.

This was taken at the Fuck Parade.  It’s not what it sounds like, but in this case I wish it were.

Gute nacht, here is Germany’s summer hit to lull you and me to sleep.