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Word on the street is it’s going to snow Wednesday…


Last night marked the first of many vernissages I plan on attending this summer so I won’t have to pay for a drink again, ever. View all the photos from the night here as I make phonecalls to find out just what happened and what’s going on in this photo…

Also, come by Dane and Alison’s yard sale, corner Prince Arthur and Hotel De Ville. It should be going on all day! This beautiful lady might be selling some things there too, wouldn’t you want to own them? The last yard sale was the bestest day of the whole summer. Check out those photos here.

That’s the price of my new room in Berlin. Here’s some treats from the streets.

10 years of French lessons in the Ontario school system, and the only words that i could get out to this Parisian visitor was “puis-je prendre une photo?” Well, it was more than he could reply back in English anyway. Guys like this make me mourn the inevitable extinction of redheads.

This is Ingeborg. She works for Vice Germany. Incidentally, I need a job. A match made in heaven?

These girls work at the American Apparel here in Berlin. Once again, I need a job.

Hey, it looks like the wall is on fire.

This was taken at an open air party around Ostbahnhof. Every Sunday in the Berlin summer, people come from a Saturday night full of substance abuse in some dark hole of a club and continue the party into Sunday afternoon of substance abuse in the sun. Life is great. There were more photos to be taken here, but most of the people here are too fucked up to agree to that.

This is Sonja (Sonya? Sonia?!?!) of Helsinki. Next week is Helsinki vs Berlin week, so there’s a ton of Finnish people hanging around. I wish Kasko was coming…

I’ve sorta postponed getting these posted on the internet, partly because I’ve moved to Berlin, and partly because I wanted to forget the Crystal Castles terror at Circa a few weeks back. Punches in the face were involved, and a lot of sweat and human traffic jams. Time has passed now, and we can all get on with our lives. Here’s some photos.

Sarah, a skillful photographer in her own right. Here‘s her stuff. Mostly I think we just talked about how great each other looked.

Hey, here’s three goodlooking people. Sam (the one in the tights) gave me his coatcheck tag to hold onto for the night, as tights do not come with pockets. When I left I mixed up the tags and ended up with his coat, cellphone, keys, and wallet. He got my cape.

And Adam and Leah. Adam and I share a love of brightly coloured shirts that look like this. And you can spend a very long time looking at Leah’s curated youtube videos. I have, at least.

These of some of the friends I met while walking down St. Denis when I was out getting ice cream with lots of sprinkles.

Alright so I think I’ve just figured out how to use the new version of wordpress (which is also why I haven’t put up the photos from the latest Nu Ravers party at Coda, sorry boys!) AND this very photo is going to go down in history. I just spent way more time then normal human beings spend breathing (or more time then I’ve been spending on the task at hand- my final school project?!!??!!)  trying to locate a photo out of the 329 photo albums that have been hogging space on my hard drive and I have yet to find it. The photo in question would be one of the very first photos Dane and I took for this blog. Basically, one night when we decided to go hunting for good style, we got sidetracked and ended up drinking 1$ shots in a sleazy Karaoke bar downtown. I remember this vividly, I was in the bathroom, for some reason (probably the 1$ shots), drawing something on the walls, when Dane bursts in and goes ”MARILIS! OUTSIDE! STREETSTYLE! NOW!” and I follow him to find these 2 guys featured above waiting a little awkwardly, as instructed by Dane. This photo never made it on here, probably because it got lost in the many photo albums on my computer, but here they are again, about a year later, at a show at Concordia. Here’s another attractive little lady I stopped on my way out from the same night. If anyone has some cute short boots they want to donate to my feet (size 7.5) that would be kind.

So I was just helping set up for an event and my friend Tessa was in the window when she yells ”Marilis!!! Good streetstyle! Run after him!”, so I did… for a full block. I was wearing heals, and it was not a pretty sight, so when I yelled something along the lines of ”hey you!” and he turned around, imagine my surprise when it turned out that it was Jonah! I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, he is the man behind one of our favorite stores in all the land, OldGold (265 Mont Royal Est.).  Check out a few shots of the new collection, take out your wallet, and go buy all of it, for me, thanks, bye.

Look them up on facebook (Oldgold Bootique) for more photos, click on the old gold link in our sidebar to go to their myspace, or go on down to the store, you won’t regret it.

So put on your voting hat and here’s a few fun things for you.

Firstly, the beautiful Shawn Dezan is part of V Man magazine’s Ford model search and we want him to win.

VOTE FOR OUR DEAR SHAWN D. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. (photos by the one and only: Saad Al-Hakkak)


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