So I was just helping set up for an event and my friend Tessa was in the window when she yells ”Marilis!!! Good streetstyle! Run after him!”, so I did… for a full block. I was wearing heals, and it was not a pretty sight, so when I yelled something along the lines of ”hey you!” and he turned around, imagine my surprise when it turned out that it was Jonah! I shouldn’t have been surprised, after all, he is the man behind one of our favorite stores in all the land, OldGold (265 Mont Royal Est.).  Check out a few shots of the new collection, take out your wallet, and go buy all of it, for me, thanks, bye.

Look them up on facebook (Oldgold Bootique) for more photos, click on the old gold link in our sidebar to go to their myspace, or go on down to the store, you won’t regret it.