Alright so I think I’ve just figured out how to use the new version of wordpress (which is also why I haven’t put up the photos from the latest Nu Ravers party at Coda, sorry boys!) AND this very photo is going to go down in history. I just spent way more time then normal human beings spend breathing (or more time then I’ve been spending on the task at hand- my final school project?!!??!!)  trying to locate a photo out of the 329 photo albums that have been hogging space on my hard drive and I have yet to find it. The photo in question would be one of the very first photos Dane and I took for this blog. Basically, one night when we decided to go hunting for good style, we got sidetracked and ended up drinking 1$ shots in a sleazy Karaoke bar downtown. I remember this vividly, I was in the bathroom, for some reason (probably the 1$ shots), drawing something on the walls, when Dane bursts in and goes ”MARILIS! OUTSIDE! STREETSTYLE! NOW!” and I follow him to find these 2 guys featured above waiting a little awkwardly, as instructed by Dane. This photo never made it on here, probably because it got lost in the many photo albums on my computer, but here they are again, about a year later, at a show at Concordia. Here’s another attractive little lady I stopped on my way out from the same night. If anyone has some cute short boots they want to donate to my feet (size 7.5) that would be kind.