So put on your voting hat and here’s a few fun things for you.

Firstly, the beautiful Shawn Dezan is part of V Man magazine’s Ford model search and we want him to win.

VOTE FOR OUR DEAR SHAWN D. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. (photos by the one and only: Saad Al-Hakkak)


Also (!!!) if you like our website right here, and you want it to do good, graduate university and grow up to raise a nice little family of pregnant fish, How about you vote for us in the Best of Montreal contest over at Montreal’s Mirror!

Best of Montreal

You could vote for us as Montrealer closest to sainthood or best drug, but really, it’s up to you.

We recommend voting Pregnant Goldfish in the best blog category.

Vote here here here before the 25th! Just so we can tell our parents we’re actually doing something with our lives.