I’ve sorta postponed getting these posted on the internet, partly because I’ve moved to Berlin, and partly because I wanted to forget the Crystal Castles terror at Circa a few weeks back. Punches in the face were involved, and a lot of sweat and human traffic jams. Time has passed now, and we can all get on with our lives. Here’s some photos.

Sarah, a skillful photographer in her own right. Here‘s her stuff. Mostly I think we just talked about how great each other looked.

Hey, here’s three goodlooking people. Sam (the one in the tights) gave me his coatcheck tag to hold onto for the night, as tights do not come with pockets. When I left I mixed up the tags and ended up with his coat, cellphone, keys, and wallet. He got my cape.

And Adam and Leah. Adam and I share a love of brightly coloured shirts that look like this. And you can spend a very long time looking at Leah’s curated youtube videos. I have, at least.