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Mr. Dane and Alex set up a lovely little yardsale a week back in the alley behind Dane’s secret hideaway and we spent the day after Shay’s birthday essentially lounging around and being wonderfully lazy. That’s what summer is all about.  

This delightful young lady stopped by to shop and she just so happened to be the one who represented Montreal for the first round of the Street Clash competition with a photo by MTL STREET. Montreal is competing against London this week, so go vote.

When sitting around got old, we played dressup.




The world is a scary, scary place.  But this guy makes me feel a whole lot better about waking up each morning.  Thanks Mister.

Photos are UP! Click on the link below to see them and check out some of the sweet streetstyle we got. Miaow!







Go check em out!

On one of the warmest day of the year, we decided to go take some photos on a rooftop, just so we could be even hotter. Here are a few paparazzi shots of the beautiful Audrey Cantwell in a dress by Viet Bui.

paparazzi series
paparazzi series
paparazzi series
paparazzi series
 paparazzi series


Meet Joline. She’s from Nova Scotia, but even better, she’s acadian. My friend Remi and I have gotten obsessed with Acadian french. In a few seconds, you probably will too. Here is a list of Acadian phrases:

  •  asteure: now (Fr: maintenant, à cette heure, désormais)
  • boloxer: to confuse, disrupt, unsettle (Fr: causer une confusion, déranger l’ordre régulier et établi)
  • cotchiner: to cheat (Fr: tricher)
  • faire zire: to gross out (Fr: dégouter)
  •  Oh wow, I have to stop. You know you want more though. Go here for your fix.


    This is Chase.  Chase is an even bigger groupie than Cassia.  Didn’t think that was possible?  Well think again.  Not only is Chase noteworthy for having slept with every member of the Rolling Stones, but Chase is so good that she has even perfected the art of seduction.  Most recently noted for her ability to bag married men, being caught red handed in a forklift on set was no biggie. 

    We love Chase because her life goal is to marry a Mexican, and eat Quesidilla’s until the end of her days.  We also love Chase because she has a 50 yard restraining order against her from Wiz Kid Management for throwing water balloons through their windows. 

    Kitty will guide you. See up there, it says Nightlife? Click and enjoy ja? ja! Pregnant Goldfish does nightlife from now on and ”home” is good ol’ streetstyle. hmmm, we like that!


    Miss Naday and I did a little wardrobe switcheroo. She was wearing the monkey shirt I won at the Three Monkeys party and cut up so my tits would show from the sides and I scored her shiny black dress. Claudia judges me for drinking beer out of a cup.


    Harry Potter is really sad because Hedwig has been away for many days in a row now. If anyone knows anything about this disapearance, please contact us at Thank you for your cooporation.


    Ok let’s face it- these have got to be the best legs in Montreal.




    The cute girl on the left is Lulu Wei. She takes fantastic photos with that camera of hers!


    Roberto was getting tired so Claudia took it upon herself to drive the poor guy home. On that same note kids, don’t drink and drive.



    In addition to having the best hair out of anyone you know, this girl is the queen of sass! We met at the Art Matters launch at le National a little while back and our first encounter is probably one of my favorite stories ever. My friend Aleks and I, for some reason, had decided to accompany each other in the stall and take turns peeing. While doing that, we were talking about myspace. All of a sudden, a great voice booms out ”you guys are not talking about myspace right now!” and so when we got out, we looked for the mysterious source of that voice. We almost scared a poor frail innocent girl to death with questions and then realised she didn’t have it in her to say anything like that so we crossed our arms and waited for the mysterious voice to come out. And there she was. Oh she tried to deny it was her, but guuurl. we knew. Then, she refused to touch Aleks’ nipples and so we the next day, at work, he found her on myspace and we started stalking her. Now we’re buddies. Thank you myspace!







    Life sucks when your arm is in a cast and you pass out standing up. We hope life gets better for you dearest stranger!



    Aw, bless this one’s heart. He was so so so timid. But look how cute. You totally can’t see his hair but he was dashing!




    Meet Craig. Craig is in Montreal for the summer learning french. Bonjour! He’s also the founder of Canada’s best (in my opinion) street style blog, out in Vancouver: The Commodified. He’s been Montreal-in’ while he’s out here and also got some great photos at Chromeo. Check it out.



    Those are birds on his shirt!! AAAAAAAAAH! It makes me so excited!!!!!!!!


    so so cute!


    The sun is a-risin’. Marie and I walked from Korova back to her place before heading out to the after party and her roomate decided to bring a suitcase with him. He filled that suitcase with random shit like slippers and shampoo. He also had a stapler but he got that confiscated. Why? We don’t know.


    I kind of wish this was a band. It’s about 6AM on this photo. After this, Claudia and I got lost getting to the metro for about 30 minutes after deciding to just take a cab. Turns out Frontenac metro was just 2 blocks down.


    is it me, or does this guy look just like Erlend Oye?

    trust me…that’s a good thing.



    and some of our favourite little details:


    catb1.jpgalso, check out the DFA discoball/fluffy cat shirt. 


    Speaking of zombies, I felt like a zombie last night, until I saw this wonderful mix of nylon and polyester standing under a street lamp at Bathurst and College. It turned out to be my friend Owen who had just performed at Skeeky Dee’s. cool huh? What’s cooler is those pants. 1991… good year.


    this is what the spice girls would look like if they came from guangdong province and went to the gay pride parade.

    probably the best street style i’ve ever seen.


    Ginny was doing the dishes when a sexy lumberjack walked into her kitchen. She killed him and stole his jacket but karma got her back and a leopard ran in and ate her legs. An alien felt bad for her accident and gave her some intergalactic shoes so she could travel back to the 15th dimension.


    Here is some more Toronto street style. Toronto ain’t all that bad, so stop hating on it so much. I’m talking to you Montrealers!

    Here is one of those girls who you watch, and judge, and think you know from a distance, and then she walks over and opens her mouth, and the most wonderful, light, little strange accented voice comes out. and it’s like woooooooooooshhhhh, all your pre-conceived notions fly out of your head, and then she pulls out a can of spray paint and you wonder how you could have been so so wrong.

    Remember when I said androgyny was in? Well I meant it. I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but this guy said he was waiting for his girlfriend(??) in the bathroom. I’m gonna have to trust him on that one.

    When Hayley told me she was moving to Tel-Aviv, I told her she couldnt go, and she asked why, and I told her firstly, I wasnt letting her go, and secondly, they would never let her in wearing that scarf.



    This is Florent Veilleux. He is responsible for the window display outside Usine 106u and the Kop Shop (111 Roy St. E.). I met him over a month ago at a vernissage and he was incredibly entertaining. To be honest, I don’t recall exactly what the conversation was all about, however, as we were saying our goodbyes he charmed Claire with a few french sentences. She came back to us giggling and said, ”He’s so sweet! He said ‘Vous avez une magnifique poitrine!‘ What does that mean?”.

    That sweet sweet gentleman was in fact complimenting her cleavage.

    The fact that this website exists makes me question what goes on inside the heads of many of the boys and girls I see on the street (and in my house) every day. I owe Daniel for introducing me to this at 6:30am in a Tim Hortons full of heroin junkies. This has got to be, hands down, one of the most entertaining websites on the internet. Filled with stories like,

    “You just scored some Coachella tickets from your best friend and ask me
    if I want to go with you. I respond by taking off my thrift store shirt. I tell
    you that undergarments are a symbol of the patriarchy and you agree. You
    begin kissing my neck and whisper, “I want to hear you moan like Bjork
    singing Joga.” We fuck so hard that your carefully gelled hair falls down
    into your eyes, and I think you look a little bit like Brian Wilson in his
    younger days…”

    hipsters + erotic literature =

    try not to enjoy it too much.



     Today’s our 1 month anniversary so who else should we feature on the blog but: The Winks! Why? Well for one, their latest album is called Birthday Party. And for two, there is no two because they’re just awesome!



    I got these shots when they played Fringe. We’d been meaning to have a photoshoot together for a while and our schedules were constantly conflicting, so in the end, we had an impromptu one right after their show.


    The original idea was to have some little parachute guys shoot out and have them falling while I took the photos, but turns out there was only one little parachute guy and he went really really high and fell on the condos.


    Thing is, the explosion was really loud and in walked Fringe Official Tristan and as you can see, he was very very angry!


    Emily’s dress is by Parlour Treats and check out Todd’s socks!


    Read my Ode to the Winks and check out all the photos I got of them over the past year. They are by far the funnest band to take photos of and they are also great great people.


    Andrew is actively participating at making the world a better place. This outfit is like therapy.


    this guy was eating a bowl of oranges . kissed by a rose on the grave was playing and i thought of batman returns.


    after this photo was taken they all started making out. then i found out that daniel was under age and i got arrested. Daniels penis suddenly got thirsty and popped out of his tights and started sipping from the beer he ever so lovely nesseled between his sexy thighs.


    So after this photo was taken, dane went mad from the flash and started to cut up Erics face. Hes now in the Jewish General awaiting surgury his dad will be performing on him. The last words he said before being taken away by the police were ”stitch my face back up with golden threads” We send you our condolences Eric, get better.


    Meet Kitty, so she calls herself. We found her squatting in a playground pissing in a sand box. We thought oh, how avant garde. She told us she only wears clothes with cats on them. and for fun she likes to lie around in alleys licking her paws and strokeing her face.


    Adam formerly known as Swanson, wouldnt stop trying to get me to eat. he was just like a persistant grandmother trying to force me to eat again and again, and even pinching my cheeks. To see his families food empire, click here.


    We asked brother Chris if we can take a picture of him for our blog on and said we could as long as we censored his identity. Instead he decided to cover his hands with his paws. What a bad ass shirt, thanks for the beer.


    Kitty seen Alison wearing these glasses and fell in love. Mother love she said, Kitty started licking her paws like she demenstrated previosly and rubbing them threw allisons hair. Her paws got all tangled and Alison started barking at her. After the cat and dog fight they both coffd out hair balls and fell back in love. They now plan on getting together regularly for pisses in the sand box.


    Marvin likes hard brown long things in his mouth. 🙂




    Big pimpin’ out on the red carpet baby!




    Enora is like Rapunzel, that princess with the long hair.



    This is Adriana. I believe we met at Islands during Pop Montreal. Later, I said I was on my way to a Malajube secret show. We only had the address. It was about 4 AM and we were ridding in a taxi and it was getting more and more sketchy. We discussed possible rapes and kidnapping. The show was at Fractal, this industrial loft turned venue. It was a very strange and confusing night. After the show, we hung out at McDonalds until the metro started again and I had to ride the metro back and forth from 5:30 to 8 when my first bus would come and drive me back to the south shore. Then I went to work. Adriana’s great because she came to help me paint my appartment. Thanks guurl!


    Are those workboots?



    This one had me grab this guy by the shoulders and force him to flip so I could get a photo. I might have been rude, but that slogan made me feel warm and fuzzy. Kind of like the carebears.




    This beach boy look made me so happy. I was crabby and starting to sober up and therefore, starting to notice my sprained ankle and this little one is just so cute.



    You know, at 3AM, seeing a cheerleading stunt is really trippy. I was taking a photo of a group of kids when they started putting up this show just for me. It was impressive and well done, but I remember being really worried about injuries. There’s just very little about early morning drunken stunts that seems like a good idea! Good job.

    Last night Chromeo and Flosstradamus played in Toronto.  The stupid promoters of the The Social oversold the show, and put too many on guestlist, so the end result was that half the ticketholders didnt get in.  SUCKSS.  Better not happen tonight in Montreal!  (Don’t forget to come to Marvin’s party!)  Here’s a little taste of the crowd: 


    This girl’s hair literally made me cream my jeans.  It was so wonderful and she was all smiley, and next to her, my hair looked straight.

    This guy offered to go down on me (no joke) in return for my lego ring.  I said no, but this photo is kinda making me regret it. 


    It’s gotten to a point where I have enough Mickey Mouse shirts to go for a full three week rotation.  I dont know what was going on last night, but it’s possible that a stranger might have mistaken The Social for a Mickey Mouse fan club meeting or something.  I mean, I thought I was original but……….


    mickey 2


    The guy in the pink mickey mouse shirt -thats Kavin.  Kavin is a friend of mine, and he is also a very good/cool/talented photographer.  He takes party photos that Montrealers and Torontonians might have seen on his site

    DELTA INC, one of the best known and well respected street writers from Europe, has transformed his signature geometric style into 80’s designer vinyl.

     Donuts come in many flavors! Some with icing, some with holes, some with sprinkles, some with jelly, some are even flocked! They come with smiles, tears, frowns – the entire gamut of sweet doughy feeling!

    Smiling Malfi is the master of all tricks. Play with him and you will have fun forever!


    If you want these as much as I do, then check out Toronto’s Magic Pony, a shop and gallery for creative animals.


    We all wish we knew the secret behind that mischevious smile of hers. Maybe she’s hidding some illegal aliens in that purse.


    Do you have your ticket to the gun show young lady?


    Kind of like Dorothe from Wizard of Oz except this is one of the rare occasions where this lovely lady is not wearing a dress. Look at ’em long legz!!


    He was a tough one to convince to let us take his photo and then it turns out like this. Well done.


    Fear not, this is not a paparazzi shot. It’s a purposeful profile.


    There’s a lot of good things going on here, but it’s the Vuarnet fanny pack we have a crush on.


    You know if you’re going to a party at Three Monkeys that there’s going to be good street style! We convinced this young fellow to let us take his picture.

    I’m usually scared of masks but when you put the mask on a shirt, and put the shirt on a good looking guy, it usually works pretty well.  Take note: he’s also one of the owners of OLDgOLD.


    According to Abram, this position is very liberating.