The fact that this website exists makes me question what goes on inside the heads of many of the boys and girls I see on the street (and in my house) every day. I owe Daniel for introducing me to this at 6:30am in a Tim Hortons full of heroin junkies. This has got to be, hands down, one of the most entertaining websites on the internet. Filled with stories like,

“You just scored some Coachella tickets from your best friend and ask me
if I want to go with you. I respond by taking off my thrift store shirt. I tell
you that undergarments are a symbol of the patriarchy and you agree. You
begin kissing my neck and whisper, “I want to hear you moan like Bjork
singing Joga.” We fuck so hard that your carefully gelled hair falls down
into your eyes, and I think you look a little bit like Brian Wilson in his
younger days…”

hipsters + erotic literature =

try not to enjoy it too much.