Last night Chromeo and Flosstradamus played in Toronto.  The stupid promoters of the The Social oversold the show, and put too many on guestlist, so the end result was that half the ticketholders didnt get in.  SUCKSS.  Better not happen tonight in Montreal!  (Don’t forget to come to Marvin’s party!)  Here’s a little taste of the crowd: 


This girl’s hair literally made me cream my jeans.  It was so wonderful and she was all smiley, and next to her, my hair looked straight.

This guy offered to go down on me (no joke) in return for my lego ring.  I said no, but this photo is kinda making me regret it. 


It’s gotten to a point where I have enough Mickey Mouse shirts to go for a full three week rotation.  I dont know what was going on last night, but it’s possible that a stranger might have mistaken The Social for a Mickey Mouse fan club meeting or something.  I mean, I thought I was original but……….


mickey 2


The guy in the pink mickey mouse shirt -thats Kavin.  Kavin is a friend of mine, and he is also a very good/cool/talented photographer.  He takes party photos that Montrealers and Torontonians might have seen on his site