Miss Naday and I did a little wardrobe switcheroo. She was wearing the monkey shirt I won at the Three Monkeys party and cut up so my tits would show from the sides and I scored her shiny black dress. Claudia judges me for drinking beer out of a cup.


Harry Potter is really sad because Hedwig has been away for many days in a row now. If anyone knows anything about this disapearance, please contact us at Thank you for your cooporation.


Ok let’s face it- these have got to be the best legs in Montreal.




The cute girl on the left is Lulu Wei. She takes fantastic photos with that camera of hers!


Roberto was getting tired so Claudia took it upon herself to drive the poor guy home. On that same note kids, don’t drink and drive.



In addition to having the best hair out of anyone you know, this girl is the queen of sass! We met at the Art Matters launch at le National a little while back and our first encounter is probably one of my favorite stories ever. My friend Aleks and I, for some reason, had decided to accompany each other in the stall and take turns peeing. While doing that, we were talking about myspace. All of a sudden, a great voice booms out ”you guys are not talking about myspace right now!” and so when we got out, we looked for the mysterious source of that voice. We almost scared a poor frail innocent girl to death with questions and then realised she didn’t have it in her to say anything like that so we crossed our arms and waited for the mysterious voice to come out. And there she was. Oh she tried to deny it was her, but guuurl. we knew. Then, she refused to touch Aleks’ nipples and so we the next day, at work, he found her on myspace and we started stalking her. Now we’re buddies. Thank you myspace!







Life sucks when your arm is in a cast and you pass out standing up. We hope life gets better for you dearest stranger!



Aw, bless this one’s heart. He was so so so timid. But look how cute. You totally can’t see his hair but he was dashing!




Meet Craig. Craig is in Montreal for the summer learning french. Bonjour! He’s also the founder of Canada’s best (in my opinion) street style blog, out in Vancouver: The Commodified. He’s been Montreal-in’ while he’s out here and also got some great photos at Chromeo. Check it out.



Those are birds on his shirt!! AAAAAAAAAH! It makes me so excited!!!!!!!!


so so cute!


The sun is a-risin’. Marie and I walked from Korova back to her place before heading out to the after party and her roomate decided to bring a suitcase with him. He filled that suitcase with random shit like slippers and shampoo. He also had a stapler but he got that confiscated. Why? We don’t know.


I kind of wish this was a band. It’s about 6AM on this photo. After this, Claudia and I got lost getting to the metro for about 30 minutes after deciding to just take a cab. Turns out Frontenac metro was just 2 blocks down.