this guy was eating a bowl of oranges . kissed by a rose on the grave was playing and i thought of batman returns.


after this photo was taken they all started making out. then i found out that daniel was under age and i got arrested. Daniels penis suddenly got thirsty and popped out of his tights and started sipping from the beer he ever so lovely nesseled between his sexy thighs.


So after this photo was taken, dane went mad from the flash and started to cut up Erics face. Hes now in the Jewish General awaiting surgury his dad will be performing on him. The last words he said before being taken away by the police were ”stitch my face back up with golden threads” We send you our condolences Eric, get better.


Meet Kitty, so she calls herself. We found her squatting in a playground pissing in a sand box. We thought oh, how avant garde. She told us she only wears clothes with cats on them. and for fun she likes to lie around in alleys licking her paws and strokeing her face.


Adam formerly known as Swanson, wouldnt stop trying to get me to eat. he was just like a persistant grandmother trying to force me to eat again and again, and even pinching my cheeks. To see his families food empire, click here.


We asked brother Chris if we can take a picture of him for our blog on and said we could as long as we censored his identity. Instead he decided to cover his hands with his paws. What a bad ass shirt, thanks for the beer.


Kitty seen Alison wearing these glasses and fell in love. Mother love she said, Kitty started licking her paws like she demenstrated previosly and rubbing them threw allisons hair. Her paws got all tangled and Alison started barking at her. After the cat and dog fight they both coffd out hair balls and fell back in love. They now plan on getting together regularly for pisses in the sand box.


Marvin likes hard brown long things in his mouth. 🙂