Today’s our 1 month anniversary so who else should we feature on the blog but: The Winks! Why? Well for one, their latest album is called Birthday Party. And for two, there is no two because they’re just awesome!



I got these shots when they played Fringe. We’d been meaning to have a photoshoot together for a while and our schedules were constantly conflicting, so in the end, we had an impromptu one right after their show.


The original idea was to have some little parachute guys shoot out and have them falling while I took the photos, but turns out there was only one little parachute guy and he went really really high and fell on the condos.


Thing is, the explosion was really loud and in walked Fringe Official Tristan and as you can see, he was very very angry!


Emily’s dress is by Parlour Treats and check out Todd’s socks!


Read my Ode to the Winks and check out all the photos I got of them over the past year. They are by far the funnest band to take photos of and they are also great great people.