Here is some more Toronto street style. Toronto ain’t all that bad, so stop hating on it so much. I’m talking to you Montrealers!

Here is one of those girls who you watch, and judge, and think you know from a distance, and then she walks over and opens her mouth, and the most wonderful, light, little strange accented voice comes out. and it’s like woooooooooooshhhhh, all your pre-conceived notions fly out of your head, and then she pulls out a can of spray paint and you wonder how you could have been so so wrong.

Remember when I said androgyny was in? Well I meant it. I’m not really sure what’s happening here, but this guy said he was waiting for his girlfriend(??) in the bathroom. I’m gonna have to trust him on that one.

When Hayley told me she was moving to Tel-Aviv, I told her she couldnt go, and she asked why, and I told her firstly, I wasnt letting her go, and secondly, they would never let her in wearing that scarf.