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Linny kitty cat pulled on her pants so much that they stretched all the way past her bellybutton. There’s a social statement behind this photo but we’re not one for politics.


These ladies came to shop at Preloved when I was working on Sunday. What they’re wearing is so simple, but they still managed to get my attention, so they must be doing something right! This is also one of those photos I might be looking at when I start having some summer longing. I’m excited for fall layering and cuddling, but not for winter frostbites. At all. Global warming is not such a bad thing.


One night, I was dancing in Dane’s living room when all of a sudden, he runs in and yells “Marilis, your camera, QUICK!” and we run out to discover this wonder of a simple yet glorious outfit on this wonderful girl. This reminds of the very first streetstyle photo we ever took. I was in the ladies room at a karaoke bar, for some reason, drawing on the wall, and Dane runs in and goes “Marilis, streetstyle, outside, now!” and I ran out and we got the picture. When we sobered up, we realised the photo wasn’t all that glorious. Maybe it will make it’s way here eventually. Maybe.


This is Cassia. She is my pretend girlfriend/roomate. Cassia and I are raising money to get Pussy Wussy a warm little outfit made for winter. Any donations can be sent to 3612 Hotel de Ville, or be put in my pocket tonight… Cassia and I are going to NYC on friday for the sole purpose of finding boyfriends in Brooklyn, wish us luck!

This is Gordon and his girlfriend’s dog Daisy. He is a photographer part of Toronto/Montreal’s Switzerland Design. As soon as I caught a sight of his red velvet pants, I ran for my camera, dashed right after him and yelled out “Hey you!” There’s something awesome about this picture; It makes me believe summer just might last forever… It also reminds me of this picture…

We got interviewed by the awesome Darryl over at Street Clash and so if you want to know what Shut Up You Twit or Pregnant Goldfish (whatever name tickles your fancy, we’re versatile) is all about, give it a look and make sure to vote for your favorite city, starting on the monday of every week.

You can read all about it here!

Photo curtosy of Marie Jane. Thank you thank you!

I’ve finally gotten around to posting up some party photos from the past couple weeks. yay!! Celebrate! Thanks to all the partying, I’m nocturnal even now that school has started, so that explains the burst of productivity.

Click on the albums below:



Sometimes hunting down people with good style is a hard task. When they show up at your doorstep though, that makes it pretty easy. Rachel’s See by Chloe dress and her gorgeous shoes by Dries Van Noten were probably the fanciest thing my old dirty appartment had seen since the last time the queen came over for tea.


I didn’t take this picture but it was sent my way by Tessa with a “put this girl on your streetstyle blog” title, therefore, I get permission to steal it. My best bet is that she’s at a theatre premiere of some sort or maybe a party because she’s at the Mainline theatre but she could easily have fooled me into thinking she’s somewhere in Hollywood. Sarah brings back the matching lip/dress/nail polish like it ain’t Gwen Stefani’s buisness.


This girl looks very robotic which is pretty sweet. When robots take over the world, I wonder what they’re going to wear… I think that would be a pretty cool venture for the future, robot-wear. I copyright that. Like, right now.


Tessa used to be the intern before me on Indyish. We  were part of the blogging team covering Osheaga and spent a lot of time hanging out in the internet cafe because that’s what cool kids do. If you want to read all about the live blogging that the Indyish tag team and myself did, go here. It’s pretty entertaining because most of it is rushed and written while I was absolutely brain dead and then sent all over the world wide web and read by people a lot smarter then i could ever aspire to be.  

We were really hoping we’d get lost in that maze and we tried a bit, but failed miserably. The next day, we found Macy Gray, like some people find Jesus and positively lost it at MIA. Osheaga highlights, mos def.

(more photos soon!)


This was before Thunderheist. Seeing Thunderheist at 2PM is a little bit weird. So is seeing people in the daytime. It’s nice though. It’s weird to think that the next day was so cold that I was in boots and wore many layers of clothing. I think that was the last day of summer. I’m glad these ladies really look summery. It makes me feel warmer. It makes me feel good about life and the universe in general. I’m glad the world is such a nice place sometimes. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed reading the last Harry Potter lately. I hope Harry makes it out of there alive. I really do.


This brings me to my first and next question: Who would win if Oprah and Bono got into an argument and started physically fighting. I like to think Oprah. But that’s just because I love her. SOOOOO much. I have her DVD boxset. Sometimes I watch it. I think she could take Bono down and maybe accomplish what that shirt is set out to do. Oprah can save all the african children herself. Who needs Bono anyways?


Kevin Federline kind of killed the fedora for me but I think that she is bringing it back. Not like Britney. She did not bring it and now the world is crying. I do hope she comes to Osheaga next year. I’ll have her over for tea and sit her down for a lecture. We love you Brit-Brit. Get better ok.

Oh yeah, and isn’t this little one so pretty? I think so.


The photos from Osheaga are coming soon (like, tomorrow, when find someone internet to borrow). For now, enjoy the lead of Fucked Up in all his glory. He wins best quote of the weekend with “Fuck you to Feist for stealing my look and fuck you to the Smashing Pumpkins for outdoing our t-shirt sales.”


Erica Legault is a famous artist. Erica is so famous that she is moving to Korea for the greater good of society. I don’t know if in Korea they will appreciate her cleavage just as much as we do here and that’s why we think she should stay. We also think she should go. So really… Yeah. Have fun Erica! Bring us back some Kim Chi.


This post will age you in reverse.  

This post will induce boners.  Clitoral boners included.  This is the world we live in. 

This post will make you cream your jeans and your cheese.


We start with Ronald the magician, we shared a lovely dinner with Ronny. We ate wheat breads and whispered sweet nothings into each others ears. After dinner he pushed me on a swing while i star gazed, i thought about the meaning of life and fashion. Here are some gods from another land from away.


Sprinkily Kinky from the South Arctic Winds fell clumbsily from a building and propped herself right back up and told me some very wize advice. “Never stick a heaven cracker candy cookie down the throat of a teenage girl when it’s hot and horny and wants to get boned. “


All the sudden a wave of euphoria entered my soul, i fell over and fell into a very big hole. I was falling forawhile until a white light splashed into my eye and i started to cry. My tear drops turned into a little girl, her name you ask? Selleeed the god of menstration. She started to menstrate all of the aborted babies in the world that have no one for them to pray for…. since pergatory is no more. With a heavy blow she puffed her self back into the abyss.


this guy is from out of town


“I AM THE PANCAKE MANIAC MASTER GOD” He’ll stick a fork up your ass, and munch on your munchables. He’s a titty twister, a real twisted blister. He makes pancakes all day at home… all different types. Sometimes apples, sometimes blueberries… some times the blood of the aborted. Pancake maniac master slut sitting in a tree throwing pancakes on the boys eat this, eat this, eat three!!!!!!!!! Poof


Look at the houdlem spraypainting profanity goddess. She rides horsies to the store to get the beer she feeds her kittens… her very sexy kittens. She gives her kittens brazilian waxes every day and men stop by on a regular basis wanting to rub and tug these spicey kitten fairies. I once seen the goddess of horsies and kitties eating a golden dildo candy, and she started to puke out more kittens… i always wondered wear she got all her slutty kittens.


Testicles one two check ceck testicles one two. Binary code warriors dont got sorrows or worries to nitpick. Don’t look a gift horsie in the grills. Red bread capitain weird beard freshly de-boned.

This post comprises some of the interesting people we (Dane and Alison) have seen over the past two(ish) weeks.



Trick or beat? This guy looks fragile, but really he has the strength of fifteen dinosaurs on acid. One day i caught a glimpse of him beating little children with a pumpkin the size of two dinosaurs on acid. Bringing sexy back we give Curfooks Aboonch a dinosaur on acid.


Sister Mary Stef taking a walk talking to the pope on her blackberry visiting her Prussian relatives in Norweiga. Look at her beautiful breasts.


yah, obviousely this is the best combination in the world. Mickey mouse + horsies = just creamed my jeans.

Miranda Withpool from wisconsin knows how to kick a kid. Ripped from her fathers womb by a cystic wombat left her with an innate sense of kickflips. Angela took a poop beside Miss Withpool because she had too go.


When I said aesexual was the new cool, I never said it was okay to look like a trannie, but at MSTRKRFT I guess it pays to look a little different.

Here we have a fine specimen of Jellies sandals (circa 1994). These are rare and highly coveted by people who wear mom jeans. Just for jokes lets do a typical clothing breakdown:


striped shirt- Peed on it

blue T-shirt – Blue my nose into it

Red Pants – Used to be white… but i got the period

Shoes – dads

Brown Bag – used to be white as well


White Sweater – Stolen from Value Village

Blue T-shirt – Kensington before it was overrun with hipsters

Purple Bag – stolen 5 minutes earlier from the junk store

Shorts – gift from dane (stolen)

Jellies – stolen from Salvation army

Fat Ass – eat Jelly donuts (paid for)

TOTAL COST: $0.85 for the donuts


This is the grim reaper of the future.


if you’re gonna break your leg, and NOT get a pink cast, this is the next best thing.


cute cute boy in blue jeans.


the guy clearly doesnt want to be to pretentious or anything, but them is sick shoes.


Asians can do anything. Matching is such a great thing. Matching colors is one thing, but matching patterns? This takes matching to a new level. We love you because you’re really cute, specially the gold shoes.


OMG!@#$%^&^%$#@!!@#$%^@!@#$!@#$%^&!@#$%^& lolz 🙂

MA GURLZ!@#$%^%$#@!

This photo makes me think of THIS!!@#$%%$#@


This was the night that Kerne and I ran around the Frosh party at 1234, where Brendon was DJ-ing, taking pictures of silly 17 year olds getting it onnnnnnnnnn, on the dance floor. This girl with the amazing shoes at the W is holding the most importnat feature of the evening: that wand.

Poof you’re not a cabbie

Poof you’re back in Haiti


my IQ just went down.

I know it’s been a while since our last post, but things have been a little chaotic over here. I (Alison) just moved back to MTL, so a little adjustment time was well deserved. Here is a little taste of what is to come… and get ready for the monstrous street style post that should be up at some point tomarrow. And don’t forget about the vernissage this Tuesday night at Blizzarts: