This post will age you in reverse.  

This post will induce boners.  Clitoral boners included.  This is the world we live in. 

This post will make you cream your jeans and your cheese.


We start with Ronald the magician, we shared a lovely dinner with Ronny. We ate wheat breads and whispered sweet nothings into each others ears. After dinner he pushed me on a swing while i star gazed, i thought about the meaning of life and fashion. Here are some gods from another land from away.


Sprinkily Kinky from the South Arctic Winds fell clumbsily from a building and propped herself right back up and told me some very wize advice. “Never stick a heaven cracker candy cookie down the throat of a teenage girl when it’s hot and horny and wants to get boned. “


All the sudden a wave of euphoria entered my soul, i fell over and fell into a very big hole. I was falling forawhile until a white light splashed into my eye and i started to cry. My tear drops turned into a little girl, her name you ask? Selleeed the god of menstration. She started to menstrate all of the aborted babies in the world that have no one for them to pray for…. since pergatory is no more. With a heavy blow she puffed her self back into the abyss.


this guy is from out of town


“I AM THE PANCAKE MANIAC MASTER GOD” He’ll stick a fork up your ass, and munch on your munchables. He’s a titty twister, a real twisted blister. He makes pancakes all day at home… all different types. Sometimes apples, sometimes blueberries… some times the blood of the aborted. Pancake maniac master slut sitting in a tree throwing pancakes on the boys eat this, eat this, eat three!!!!!!!!! Poof


Look at the houdlem spraypainting profanity goddess. She rides horsies to the store to get the beer she feeds her kittens… her very sexy kittens. She gives her kittens brazilian waxes every day and men stop by on a regular basis wanting to rub and tug these spicey kitten fairies. I once seen the goddess of horsies and kitties eating a golden dildo candy, and she started to puke out more kittens… i always wondered wear she got all her slutty kittens.


Testicles one two check ceck testicles one two. Binary code warriors dont got sorrows or worries to nitpick. Don’t look a gift horsie in the grills. Red bread capitain weird beard freshly de-boned.