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I recently went to check out an amazing vintage sale in St. Henri filled with steamy girls, delicious cookies and pabst blue ribbon. I fell in love with an incredible cape made by Audrey Cantwell which i plan on picking up as soon as I save up enough some mula. Obviously this wasn’t part of the hot vintage mess it just took place in Audrey’s studio. I went with my friend Katia, the infamous animal skinner and fur lover, who reserved this look we picked out.

If you sadly missed this event or don’t live in the city and want some razor sharp new duds check out :  NAUGHTY MESS VINTAGE and TARANTULA SISTERS

also: Audrey Cantwell


(more photos soon!)


This was before Thunderheist. Seeing Thunderheist at 2PM is a little bit weird. So is seeing people in the daytime. It’s nice though. It’s weird to think that the next day was so cold that I was in boots and wore many layers of clothing. I think that was the last day of summer. I’m glad these ladies really look summery. It makes me feel warmer. It makes me feel good about life and the universe in general. I’m glad the world is such a nice place sometimes. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed reading the last Harry Potter lately. I hope Harry makes it out of there alive. I really do.