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I recently went to check out an amazing vintage sale in St. Henri filled with steamy girls, delicious cookies and pabst blue ribbon. I fell in love with an incredible cape made by Audrey Cantwell which i plan on picking up as soon as I save up enough some mula. Obviously this wasn’t part of the hot vintage mess it just took place in Audrey’s studio. I went with my friend Katia, the infamous animal skinner and fur lover, who reserved this look we picked out.

If you sadly missed this event or don’t live in the city and want some razor sharp new duds check out :  NAUGHTY MESS VINTAGE and TARANTULA SISTERS

also: Audrey Cantwell


Fall fashion Montreal

These are some pictures from Ourspace or its legit name: Studio Gallery in Toronto.   This past Sunday they held the first Vintage Clothing Sale of ’09 and since it was such a success there’s gonna be another one probably in May and everybody has to come and buy all my clothes so I can make $$$.


This is Leah.  When her pet cat Fritz was a bad kitty, she skinned it and poured salt on the fur and when it dried out she sewed it into a hat.  Here it is.


This is Vanessa.  She looks like a combination of a flight attendant and a pin up girl.  If I was a 14 year old chronic masterbator I know what I would do with this picture.