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I like to delude myself into thinking that summer will last forever, and it’s in that frame of mind that I went to a friend’s house last night in my nightgown, a pair of knee-highs and a poncho. Little did I know that while we were busy covering that Beyonce song “Irreplacable” on the harpsicord, it was snowing outside. Around 1AM, I tried to stumble home through the snow and probably caught pneumonia. So that being said, here’s a photo from the summer, and let us all remember that time, because we’ll be snowed in for the next 10 months. Depressed? Here’s another one:

Here’s two good fellas from Nightlife Magazine shooting a video at the MSTRKRFT Piknic. Watch for my cameo appearance in one of them, and yes, my voice really is that squeaky. Nightlife has also been producing some amazing Street Styling videos in collaboration with, so make sure you take a sneak peak at those while you’re at it!! Nightlife is throwing a sweet party with some of the best local acts tomorrow night. Get all the info here and RSVP! Don’t miss out. And finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, grab the October issue of Nightlife asap (or read it online) for a nice little top 10 of the Street Stylin’ photos featured in the magazine since it’s beginnings with Joan Rivers-type commentary courtesy of Catherine DeMontigny, Pascale Gregoriev and yours truly.


This is what Alison is going out as for haloween.

I prefer this goth…

I think im going to b Claire fo Haloween…

she is wonderful.  she is like a cross between Madonna and Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) plus or minus a big giant butterfly tattoo.

**BONUS**  xxxtra fancy silk drop crotch Fendi PJ’s with pet ferret accessory.

Last night in Berlino,
A Funerale Siciliano
Brought out all the ghouls and mourning women in the town.

The Polytrash Kids dressed in gold and raining glitter down upon those in grieving:

A special haunt from Thalia Devine, crying tears of jetted-black.

And a Greek goddess came down to show her final respects:

While all the other boys and girls of Berlin tried their hardest to keep themselves looking respectable:

Before the dead appeared to us:

And with great sadness the night was over, disappeared into the collective minds of all the creatures of the nearly-Eastern European land.

This is me and Cary.

Cary was proud of me for wearing heels in the daytime.   And I was proud of Cary for not wearing heels in the daytime.

This is Dane’s special fall cape.  He is also wearing a special green velvet short sleeve turtleneck under there.  All this is topped with a special little twirl of hair on his head and a confused look on his face.

These are from I Love Neon’s Boys Noize and A-Trak at the Telus Theatre.


One Sunday Morning,
When I crawled out of
The Picknick-Hole,

Where I used To Spread
The Golden Glitter To
All The Princesses &
Pixies & Even Goblins,
With my magiqual friends,

I discovered The Male
Sleeping Beauty Leaned
Against A brick-ornated Wall,

I Tried To Wake Him Up
With The Help Of My
Elves Sitting on
My Spidery Hands,
But They Told Me,
The Sleeping Beauty
Has to Sleep for 100
More Dream-Covered
Years, And then be Kissed
By the Uncovered Unicorns..

Only If you are a Brave
Person Passing Observant
Soldiers & Finding The
Way To The Picknick
In The Backyard of the
Brickstoned Walls of
The High Buildings in
Berlin, you can Find him
Now leaning there For
99 ¾ more Years, waiting for
The Unicorn’s – Waking Kiss,
Sleeping & Dreaming of
A Sorrowless World.

& maybe you will find
A lost Glitter Particle,
Sparkling in the Dusty
Edges of these Buildings,
Reminding you of the
Sleeping Beauty In The
Middle Of Berlin.

Summertime is always the best in Montreal. Soon, we will all be wrapped in layers of seal skin, retreating into our igloos and crying over the loss of our tan (unless you’re Alison and I and we’re just happy we don’t have to worry about sunburns).  My computer is still broken so here’s another photo I’ve been storing for the cold days of winter. I kind of am in denial about weather all year round; I wear tights in both minus and plus 30 weather. Stephanie Naday, pictured above and plenty of time on this here website, was the only one not frowning upon my covered legs and wool skirt at a hot sunny summer Piknic Electronik. Here she is looking pretty precious in her far more weather-conscious outfit with the equally adorable Adam in an outfit that will be comforting to look back on when our toes turn black from frost bites any weeks now. Start taking the mothballs out of your wool sweaters guys, it’s coming!

Here are some photoz from Thursday’s Pop Montreal fashion show competition.  We (Marilis and I and all of The Plateau) are very proud that Dane won the award for best emerging designer working in Montreal today as well as a big fat check for his Dane Gerus spring/summer collection.

And these are some of the street stylez from the line outside:

This is Cary.  He embodies your typical lumberjack / tranny hybrid look. I guess it would be called Tranny-Jack, or maybe Lumber-tranny.   This is characterized by a fur vest accompanied by a plaid flannel shirt, paired with PVC tights and YSL willy wonka boots.

This time of year is the best in Montreal.  It just starts getting cold, which means that you can wear all your best clothes on the outside.  Not cold enough for a winter jacket, but just cold enough to layer up all your favorite sweaters, and coats and scarves in one really good outfit.

For a lesson in male grooming please contact Jay.  His hair is literally so perfectly coiffed that if you dropped a tennis ball on it it would probably bounce off.

Why do demons and ghouls hang out together?

Because demons are a ghouls best friend.

Why doesn’t anybody like Dracula?

He has a bat temper.

Who won the skeleton beauty contest?

No body

What kind of tie does a ghost wear to a formal party?

A boo-tie.