I like to delude myself into thinking that summer will last forever, and it’s in that frame of mind that I went to a friend’s house last night in my nightgown, a pair of knee-highs and a poncho. Little did I know that while we were busy covering that Beyonce song “Irreplacable” on the harpsicord, it was snowing outside. Around 1AM, I tried to stumble home through the snow and probably caught pneumonia. So that being said, here’s a photo from the summer, and let us all remember that time, because we’ll be snowed in for the next 10 months. Depressed? Here’s another one:

Here’s two good fellas from Nightlife Magazine shooting a video at the MSTRKRFT Piknic. Watch for my cameo appearance in one of them, and yes, my voice really is that squeaky. Nightlife has also been producing some amazing Street Styling videos in collaboration with Bombe.tv, so make sure you take a sneak peak at those while you’re at it!! Nightlife is throwing a sweet party with some of the best local acts tomorrow night. Get all the info here and RSVP! Don’t miss out. And finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, grab the October issue of Nightlife asap (or read it online) for a nice little top 10 of the Street Stylin’ photos featured in the magazine since it’s beginnings with Joan Rivers-type commentary courtesy of Catherine DeMontigny, Pascale Gregoriev and yours truly.