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she is wonderful.  she is like a cross between Madonna and Anna Nicole Smith (RIP) plus or minus a big giant butterfly tattoo.

**BONUS**  xxxtra fancy silk drop crotch Fendi PJ’s with pet ferret accessory.

This is me and Cary.

Cary was proud of me for wearing heels in the daytime.   And I was proud of Cary for not wearing heels in the daytime.

This is Dane’s special fall cape.  He is also wearing a special green velvet short sleeve turtleneck under there.  All this is topped with a special little twirl of hair on his head and a confused look on his face.

These are from I Love Neon’s Boys Noize and A-Trak at the Telus Theatre.

Here are some photoz from Thursday’s Pop Montreal fashion show competition.  We (Marilis and I and all of The Plateau) are very proud that Dane won the award for best emerging designer working in Montreal today as well as a big fat check for his Dane Gerus spring/summer collection.

And these are some of the street stylez from the line outside:

This is Cary.  He embodies your typical lumberjack / tranny hybrid look. I guess it would be called Tranny-Jack, or maybe Lumber-tranny.   This is characterized by a fur vest accompanied by a plaid flannel shirt, paired with PVC tights and YSL willy wonka boots.

This time of year is the best in Montreal.  It just starts getting cold, which means that you can wear all your best clothes on the outside.  Not cold enough for a winter jacket, but just cold enough to layer up all your favorite sweaters, and coats and scarves in one really good outfit.

For a lesson in male grooming please contact Jay.  His hair is literally so perfectly coiffed that if you dropped a tennis ball on it it would probably bounce off.