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These are some pictures from Ourspace or its legit name: Studio Gallery in Toronto.   This past Sunday they held the first Vintage Clothing Sale of ’09 and since it was such a success there’s gonna be another one probably in May and everybody has to come and buy all my clothes so I can make $$$.


This is Leah.  When her pet cat Fritz was a bad kitty, she skinned it and poured salt on the fur and when it dried out she sewed it into a hat.  Here it is.


This is Vanessa.  She looks like a combination of a flight attendant and a pin up girl.  If I was a 14 year old chronic masterbator I know what I would do with this picture.


A sea of frolicking Berlin kittens on the prowl at a Pete Doherty themed party. Only one (or possibly 2) of these tigers is German.


There’s a secret coallision force in action in Montreal right now to get this babe into our snowy city. Little does she know, she’ll have to move here soon.

Also, her last name is Glitzer and she’s the sweetest little sprinkle around. Don’t you want to bake her into a cupcake?





This one’s for Alison circa summer 2007.

It is true.  At Randomland you truly do find the most weirdest assortment of Friday night folk.  Circa is like a melting pot of Toronto’s best and worst parts.


Siena obviously is the biggest weirdo.


This girl looks like a version of Cruella Deville


These lovely ladies are clearly a 10/10.  Firstly because they match.  Whatever happened to matching couples anyways?  and Secondly because of their crinolin tutu’s and sexy fishnets.


club appropriation of this: backpack

or a modified version of this: dog-in-backpack


i love this picture.  dane is a blob, and there is a wonderful fuzzy little red lady walking on the opposite platform.  reminds me of that very cold salvation army trip where i got an oil lamp with a genie in it who gave me three wishes.



Who wants to look beautiful ?  Just slip on on one of Ceilidh’s wonderful silkscreen creations. You can contact her for purchasing one of these classic tops that will never go out of fashion here:

Also this is a collaberation we have been working on all winter which will be featured during nuit blanche on Febumary 28th on the 5th floor of the Belgo building, studio 530.



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For All the pictures from Friday night click on the banner below:


Berlin, I love you, but you’re a gray depressing shithole in the winter and the sun never comes out and without the tourists coming you’re a shitty city for a street style photographer.  There I said it.

But I left to go to Paris and Copenhagen for fashion week stuff. Here:


This is Igor in Paris, he says he’s a prostitute.  His socks are Lanvin and his brooch is Yves Saint Laurent, so I guess he’s telling the truth.


This is what we’ll all look like in 5 years, or maybe just the gayboys.


And Henrik Vibskov.

The rest of it all you can see on Stil in Berlin.

love dario


After we played 7 minutes in heaven, Jason let me take a picture of him and all his lovely layers of black.


This looks like a high fashion version of those swamp creeping photos that Dane, Chelsi and I took in the park that day.


More photos of Dane’s creations HERE


this is what it looks like when Transformers have to go pee.


Angelo gives 10¢ moustache rides