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Marilis, Dane, and I spotted this little angel man with matching shoe, sock and tie combo at the Worn Fashion Journal‘s Art and Sole auction at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto where the shoes that our very own Dane made were actioned off for charity .  Marilis will be posting more photos whenever she finds some free internet, but check out more info from the night here



Who wants to look beautiful ?  Just slip on on one of Ceilidh’s wonderful silkscreen creations. You can contact her for purchasing one of these classic tops that will never go out of fashion here:

Also this is a collaberation we have been working on all winter which will be featured during nuit blanche on Febumary 28th on the 5th floor of the Belgo building, studio 530.



After we played 7 minutes in heaven, Jason let me take a picture of him and all his lovely layers of black.


This looks like a high fashion version of those swamp creeping photos that Dane, Chelsi and I took in the park that day.


More photos of Dane’s creations HERE

Here are some photoz from Thursday’s Pop Montreal fashion show competition.  We (Marilis and I and all of The Plateau) are very proud that Dane won the award for best emerging designer working in Montreal today as well as a big fat check for his Dane Gerus spring/summer collection.

And these are some of the street stylez from the line outside:

This is Cary.  He embodies your typical lumberjack / tranny hybrid look. I guess it would be called Tranny-Jack, or maybe Lumber-tranny.   This is characterized by a fur vest accompanied by a plaid flannel shirt, paired with PVC tights and YSL willy wonka boots.

This time of year is the best in Montreal.  It just starts getting cold, which means that you can wear all your best clothes on the outside.  Not cold enough for a winter jacket, but just cold enough to layer up all your favorite sweaters, and coats and scarves in one really good outfit.

For a lesson in male grooming please contact Jay.  His hair is literally so perfectly coiffed that if you dropped a tennis ball on it it would probably bounce off.

Vava voom, ahoy cowgirl! Where are you off too? i like the shiney shimmers head to toe, it’s too bad you didnt tease your hair and sport a fro. Where you off too missle toe.

Salutations too the sabbath sinners, dress in black and skip your diner. Monochrome makes one look thinner. I like your stance.

Two trendy beauties on the main stopped to take a photograph by dane. High waist skirts, tucked in shirts. Two big flirts, sweater sets work, big bags, smoking fags, white shoes, white hair, peep toes, toe hair.

Jingle Bells batmans girlfriend yells “i’m here to save the day” Jumped to the roof, took one big poof of a j and spent the day real amongst Batmobeer up the rear too bad i let him get a way hay.

This gurl has us turned on. I like her patchwork dress very pretty, did you make it?? Bake it? Put in a pan .

Let me see you bounce right to left and let your shoulder lean
let your shoulder lean, just let your shoulder lean
Ay, get it right, two step and let your shoulder lean, let your shoulder lean
just let your shoulder lean…

This gurl pulls the tuck in swell, her mother taught her well.

Coincedencially it was thunders and lighnings a couple moments after snapping this photograph. how appropiate she is too chooose a shirt that matches the weather.

Chelsi Claire Ceihledh the three C’s in combat stance. Speaking of stance, Chelsi you should always pose like this like a flamingo!!!! You should be wearing a pink flamingo swimming dress… i’ll make you one.

WHOooooo, these two religious freaks stopped me on the street telling me the end of today is later tonight. Spooky girls…

Daddy and baby, nice diamonds, nice gold.

i heart you kitty

Did you all pick up your copy of the last Nightlife magazine and notice that our favourite giant (apparently?) has been chosen as one of Montreal’s most notorious ”freaks” (again, their word, not mine). If I had a scanner, I’d scan that baby, but it would just be a lot easier and entertaining for you to just get yourself a copy. In the meantime, you can enjoy the photos that made it to the magazine, except bigger and in their full context.



 A whole lot of other great people made it in that list, for instance, our dearest Cary Tauben, sporting a Pregnant Goldfish photo. Cary has been spamming various websites such as with our blog address. We like to think we’re the ones behind her latest breakdown. Maybe if more of you followed Cary’s example, the celebrity gossip world would be more interesting.

Also, editor extraordinaire of Montreal’s sexiest zine, Amber Goodwyn, made the list. Check out the photos I got at the launch of issue 5 of the Likety Split Smut Zine at Zoobizarre over huurh.  You can also get yourself a copy of it here.