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What do you do when your dumb subletter uses your computer while you’re having the time of your life in Germany, downloads a bunch of lame porn and viruses and then pretends he didn’t anything when you return jet-lagged and depressed? Well, first you kick him and his smelly clothes out, then you wallow in self-pity over the fact you no longer have photoshop and let photos accumulate on your camera. Now I’ve got 2 cards full of photos and no money to get my computer fixed, just a bunch of really lame porn. Here are some of these photos, starting with this little gem:

This is the very handsome Shawn Dezan. If you live in Montreal, you’ve probably seen him either on billboards or in your day dreams. One of the reasons I enjoy this guy, is that one day, he turned to me and said “you know Marilis, when I first met you, I really didn’t like you”. Luckily this has a happy ending. Following my return to Canadian soil, I called up this hunk of a man for a day of dancing in the sun and he showed up wearing pretty much the best pants ever. See now if I had either photoshop or photo-taking skills, you’d know what I mean, but as it stands, you just have to either imagine them, or come witness them on the runway on October 2nd at Coda, as part of the DHALFNIGHT collection. Don’t miss it! (MORE INFO ON FBOOK)



the woods are lovely dark and deep, and i have many promises to keep, and  miles to go before i sleeeep.

to robes divegerd in a yellow wood. i took the one less traveled, and that has made all the differnce.

“I have the simplist of tastes, i am only satisfied with the best.” – Oscar Wilde

i’m not putting this picture up because any of these people have the best street style ever, its up here because I like it.  Isn’t it nice to see three completely opposite people bonding over their inebriated state and each repping their own very personal brand?  I think so.   It makes me feel happy to see that the bell-bottom wearing, polyester shirted, Bueno Notte goer; the Mohawk headed punk, and the made-to-measure suit wearing prepster can all be friends!  Kind of like a Beneton ad of the Montreal streets.

BONUS:  an excellent pair of torn jeans on a hot girl on a hot motorcycle

this is Leah, these are her jeans, and this is not her motorcycle.  This picture was taken a while ago, after the Time Festival in Toronto.  The picture is a little blurry, thanks to that waterbottle of Vodka that my brother and I shared as we walked into the party, but at least we can see those jeans.

I’ll b there and you’ll be near, and that’s the deal my dear. My tits are tall like mountains, so modest my boob shake mountains mountains. Someone is pukeing outside my house.

in the future all Montreal’s criminally insane will be led around in straight jackets by their blood-splattered clown masters.

in the future we will all wear watches on our ankles so that our kitty cats can read the time

in the future we will match our hair to our leggings always.

in the future Montreal’s fashion police will look like this while they re-write the laws on fashion crime.

in the future we will all faintly resemble cupcake dolls.

in the future we will all have scowls on our faces while we wear watercolours for fall.

in the future we will all talk on phones that come from the center of our bodies.

It really was that big.

Ass to face, palm finger down, cup hands into prayer position. do you have a soul mate? i have a soul mate. apples are the power fruit. bum to mouth boy cums in girls hand 5 times. lemon.