i’m not putting this picture up because any of these people have the best street style ever, its up here because I like it.  Isn’t it nice to see three completely opposite people bonding over their inebriated state and each repping their own very personal brand?  I think so.   It makes me feel happy to see that the bell-bottom wearing, polyester shirted, Bueno Notte goer; the Mohawk headed punk, and the made-to-measure suit wearing prepster can all be friends!  Kind of like a Beneton ad of the Montreal streets.

BONUS:  an excellent pair of torn jeans on a hot girl on a hot motorcycle

this is Leah, these are her jeans, and this is not her motorcycle.  This picture was taken a while ago, after the Time Festival in Toronto.  The picture is a little blurry, thanks to that waterbottle of Vodka that my brother and I shared as we walked into the party, but at least we can see those jeans.