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so what. i’m a homosexual cop.



Geez commenter Dee, your words ring like the bells of truth in our guilty ears! We’ve been so busy making voodoo dolls and hiding from the non-stop rain to be good little bloggers. Thankfully, we’re coming out of this SLUM! We’re putting some clothes on. We’re opening the door. We’re saying hello world. And we’ll have our camera. And we’ll be at the MEG festival. Fun right? We’ll see you there right? And just because I’m feeling so uncomfortable about our absence from the world wide web, here’s some pretty little photos of a gang of handsome little devils that play in a little band called Silly Kissers. They’re pretty silly, but it’s all good because they rock the Canadian tuxedo with grace and beauty. Oh yeah, they’re also playing MEG- On July 31rst, they’re playing a 5 à 7 co-produced with Pop Montreal with Museum Pieces, Meta Gruau and Girlguides. Dee, will you be there? I hope so!


All it took was a sexy sun dance at dawn and the music of Peer Pressure and friends to keep us happy all day long!!! Stay tuned for the block party PART II soon!!!



wear your finest. save us a dance. you’re all going to eat fish on THIS TUESDAY!


…likes to party.

…shares my adiction for Vicks inhalor

…is the girl of your dreams

…throws the best Oscar parties

…makes great pies

…has probably served you at Dusty’s and you probably didn’t tip her enough

…is clearly the cutest brunette incarnation of Alice in Wonderland

…will one day be living with me in Berlin

…can not stand still for a photograph



More Montreal Fashion Week…

I spent quite a few hours at Montreal Fashion Week this season, reporting for Nightlife Magazine and you can read my bitching and praises in two parts here and here.


Babes front row at Denis Gagnon




Bourgeoisie Launch at Montreal Fashion Week

A sea of frolicking Berlin kittens on the prowl at a Pete Doherty themed party. Only one (or possibly 2) of these tigers is German.


There’s a secret coallision force in action in Montreal right now to get this babe into our snowy city. Little does she know, she’ll have to move here soon.

Also, her last name is Glitzer and she’s the sweetest little sprinkle around. Don’t you want to bake her into a cupcake?





This one’s for Alison circa summer 2007.


Meet Elin, Sweden’s fiiiiiiiiiiinest. She can be taken into account for some of the most ridiculous and hilarious mid-party moments and thankfully, she’s going to be crashing on my bedroom floor sometime in March to do it all over again. Be it leaving an outdoor afternoon rave to go to the Planetarium (with a bottle of champagne in hand and glitter all over our faces) and then going for Won Ton soup or leaving a bar to find an Internet café so we can look up the address of the Kabalah center in Berlin in order to stalk Madonna upon her arrival for her show the next day, classic moments are always being created in her presence.


This beautiful rosey cheeked babe and I met on a rooftop in Berlin, then at a Pete Doherty themed party in a lovely appartment perched at the top of 6 flights of stairs and finally happened to be on the same plane to Paris. This happened to be a godsend encounter because we got to hold each other as the plane was taxying away from Deutshland. Little Ms. Cynthia was pulling a Sex And The City move and moving to Paris but I was just moving right back to my igloo out here in Montreal. A sweet little travel tip curtousy of this Australian sweetheart, DEEP POCKETS! Granted you’ll have to take it all out at the metal detectors, but you’ll get to carry far more then you cute carry-on purse will allow.

summer chronicles

Happy New Year and pardon our lack of blog post. If you’re from here, you must be well aware that it is currently too cold for anyone to wonder out of their igloos, so we stay in, roasting seal while our elders tell us ancient legends of the land of snow. To tide you over, here’s a series of polaroids I took this summer in Montreal and Berlin and as soon as we can, we’ll put on our best polar bear suits and sacrifice our toes to frost bite in order walk through the mile high snow piles to capture the best winter looks.



for extra sweetness, add 1 part wine, 10 parts Tess. guaranteed fun times.

streetstyle-51Oh you shouldnt have!


Another sexy package!!!


Hand over that brown jacket please.


So for Spring 09 it’s all about tire dresses… get to your nearest tire store before there all sold out!


the cutest kitten in the cutest attire of Europe. Case and point: quite a few months earlier, I had saved a photo of her from the blog Manchester Looks, way before meeting her on a dancefloor in Berlin. Nowadays, Bim is running around and being cute in Vilnius with her sidekicks Maja and Lisa and this girl right here, in Montreal, misses the hell out of those 3 Swedish babes.


Sexy trio at the MSTRKRFT Picnik.


I like to delude myself into thinking that summer will last forever, and it’s in that frame of mind that I went to a friend’s house last night in my nightgown, a pair of knee-highs and a poncho. Little did I know that while we were busy covering that Beyonce song “Irreplacable” on the harpsicord, it was snowing outside. Around 1AM, I tried to stumble home through the snow and probably caught pneumonia. So that being said, here’s a photo from the summer, and let us all remember that time, because we’ll be snowed in for the next 10 months. Depressed? Here’s another one:

Here’s two good fellas from Nightlife Magazine shooting a video at the MSTRKRFT Piknic. Watch for my cameo appearance in one of them, and yes, my voice really is that squeaky. Nightlife has also been producing some amazing Street Styling videos in collaboration with, so make sure you take a sneak peak at those while you’re at it!! Nightlife is throwing a sweet party with some of the best local acts tomorrow night. Get all the info here and RSVP! Don’t miss out. And finally, if you haven’t seen it yet, grab the October issue of Nightlife asap (or read it online) for a nice little top 10 of the Street Stylin’ photos featured in the magazine since it’s beginnings with Joan Rivers-type commentary courtesy of Catherine DeMontigny, Pascale Gregoriev and yours truly.

Summertime is always the best in Montreal. Soon, we will all be wrapped in layers of seal skin, retreating into our igloos and crying over the loss of our tan (unless you’re Alison and I and we’re just happy we don’t have to worry about sunburns).  My computer is still broken so here’s another photo I’ve been storing for the cold days of winter. I kind of am in denial about weather all year round; I wear tights in both minus and plus 30 weather. Stephanie Naday, pictured above and plenty of time on this here website, was the only one not frowning upon my covered legs and wool skirt at a hot sunny summer Piknic Electronik. Here she is looking pretty precious in her far more weather-conscious outfit with the equally adorable Adam in an outfit that will be comforting to look back on when our toes turn black from frost bites any weeks now. Start taking the mothballs out of your wool sweaters guys, it’s coming!

What do you do when your dumb subletter uses your computer while you’re having the time of your life in Germany, downloads a bunch of lame porn and viruses and then pretends he didn’t anything when you return jet-lagged and depressed? Well, first you kick him and his smelly clothes out, then you wallow in self-pity over the fact you no longer have photoshop and let photos accumulate on your camera. Now I’ve got 2 cards full of photos and no money to get my computer fixed, just a bunch of really lame porn. Here are some of these photos, starting with this little gem:

This is the very handsome Shawn Dezan. If you live in Montreal, you’ve probably seen him either on billboards or in your day dreams. One of the reasons I enjoy this guy, is that one day, he turned to me and said “you know Marilis, when I first met you, I really didn’t like you”. Luckily this has a happy ending. Following my return to Canadian soil, I called up this hunk of a man for a day of dancing in the sun and he showed up wearing pretty much the best pants ever. See now if I had either photoshop or photo-taking skills, you’d know what I mean, but as it stands, you just have to either imagine them, or come witness them on the runway on October 2nd at Coda, as part of the DHALFNIGHT collection. Don’t miss it! (MORE INFO ON FBOOK)


I accidently made this a post rather then a page in our party section, but I just moved appartments yesterday, have no internet and my minutes are running out fast fast fast. So here’s a look at a Berlin party with DJ wonders Mirage Berlin Disco Crew last night. Make sure to hunt down these handsome boys if you make your way to Berlin, and once you’ve done so, shine your dancing shoes, get your hair did, and get ready to dance until breakfast time.

I interupted this incredibly beautiful pair in the middle of a lively conversation and caught them mid-giggle. They had not planned on the matching yellow, I can promise you that much. That cardigan is also the softest thing I’ve ever laid my hands on. Unfortunatly they’re not visible in this photo, but I’ve been told this handsome gentleman has quite an impressive collection of fancy socks. I love this city…

After wondering the streets listening for some music that would lead us to the fuck parade, two beers, two cheeseburgers, a redbull and a bottle of cran-vodka later, we were dancing behind a truck that held DJs and a smoke machine and dance-walked our way through the city, sharing beers with strangers and getting ready for what would be a near 12-hours more of dancing at the Berghain that night. Unfortunatly, the no-camera rule means I have no pictures, but just close your eyes and picture the best night of your life and you’ll be about close to where I was that night, and then add to that the fact that around 5AM, 5 of my favorite familiar faces from Montreal appeared in the crowd.

This is Darryl again.

This is what policemen look like in Berlin.

This guy is just hanging out.

This is a really short person with some mad dance moves.

This girl didn’t know I was taking her photo but I like her magic toe-to-waist leather.

…staying with the boy who lived under the stairs.

The one and only Darryl. I’m currently in his kitchen, listening to Ace of Base and googling how to say “coffee” in German so I can get some caffeine going in my bloodstream and probably set out to get lost in the city while he’s at work. I decided I’ll be cataloguing his style while I’m here, because it’s good. This is from the first day I got there. He had left his keys for me and after lugging about 30 pounds of my personal belongings through the whole city for 2 hours to find his place, I dragged everything up the 3 flights of stairs, found his bedroom and collapsed on the floor, which is exactly where he found me when he returned. It’s currently day 3 but I feel like I’ve been here forever. I might also never return at this rate. So for August, you’ll be seeing a lot of Berlin photos, and Montreal/Toronto beauties courtesy of Dane and Alison.

Here’s a few summer highlights so far, click on the banner above for more..