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On a perfect perfect spring day…


Check out the photos from our Coda Celebration at The Fix and a little delicious sample here! Thanks to all those who came out! Fun times all around!

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Thanks everybody who voted for us in the Best of Montreal Mirror Polls!  In just under 1 year we  managed to make it all the way up to the number 2 spot for best blog, right after the much deserving Midnight Poutine. Thanks to all of you that voted, you’re who we write this blog for!

To find out who else made it, check out the Mirror website here and check us out in the Best Local Blog category.

I ran into Brooke from Coda earlier on the street and the poor man’s got a cold, but despite that, the show must go on, and we’ll be celebrating our BOM spot and Coda’s Best Club Night of Montreal, The Fix at Coda. Get your shoes polished and buy us some drinks!!  We are all broke!!







Check out many photo albums from this past year of The Fix:


PASSIONS LIVE (Kitsune, Trouble & Bass, NYC)


JOKERS OF THE SCENE (Fool’s Gold, Mental Groove, Mad Decent, Ottawa)

NROTB DJs (Mister Ed & Mr.P)

PEER PRESSURE DJs (Hatchmatik, A-Rock & Merk Meny)

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This girl told me about a really awsome group she made on facebook (sorry for saying the f-word guys) that is devoted to secondhand clothing sales in church basements. She updates it every week, so join the group and make sure you thank her for all the treasures you find as a result of this link!

i’m not really 100% sure what’s going on here, but I knew something special was happening when the flash went off and I noticed about 5 different kinds of upholstery on one man.

This is an example of a nice mix of styles: 1/3 robot, 1/3 tuexedo-gold-watch wearer, 1/3 basketball/tennis athlete?

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don’t forget about tomorrow night. Come to Blizzarts early for Zach and Alison’s art show: Crybaby & Sprinkleface.

And then after is Peer Pressure’s Teenwolf Tuesdays with A-Rock and special guests Nu Ravers on the Block. hosted as always by the lovely Shay.

and also its Zach’s last night ever going out in Montreal because he’s leaving in a few days to move to Toronto to be all professional and stuff

and Alison is leaving in 2 weeks to move to New York and be all broke and stuff.

and its Saad’s birthday!!!

and featuring guest appearance by DJ Pussy Wussy Kitty Kat, Montreal’s hottest puss.

Meet Colin. Colin is my boss, and my favorite one yet. He loves to sing karaokes, especially long ballads. He’s pretty much the cutest boy ever, just one look at that photo and it’s an instant crush. I managed to get Colin to join me on my trip to Toronto fashion week, and we drank some sodas and talked to our drivers who were Canadian Idol security guards or something and listened to some of the deliciously cheesy pop songs on his ipod. At any given time, Colin can be find displaying a few dance steps on the floors of Preloved, come visit and comment on his perfect curls. Here’s another Colin photo for the road, taken in New York and stolen off his facebook:

And here’s Tessa, who has been on here quite a bit and needs no introduction apart from the fact that she as well can be found dancing/working at Preloved a few days a week. I took that photo on a day where I sent her the following text message: ”It’s spring! Call me!” and then we went to get some iced coffee and walked around the mile end and found a magical pile of trash that had such treasures at Ace of Base the Sign, a bunch of New Kids on the Block tapes and an En Vogue tape I’m actually listening to right now… This photo was taken at Local 23 (23 Bernard St.) and I would like to own most dresses in that magical closet.

Carles from Hipster Runoff spends lots of time spying on party photo websites all across the world to unveil what will be ”Big in 2k09”. He sent us a little message after he recognized a photo of the cover of Cracker Your Wardrobe, that features Alison and Cary taken by Mark the Cobra Snake who was partying in Korea, We’re still waiting for our copies to come in the mail! Read Carles post about this same photo here.

A few weeks ago, a truly magical trio were hard at work to create a series of photos that make me feel pretty happy. They feature the Swedish beauty Kira Josefsson (who just returned to her motherland), and two of my favorite boys in the whole land. Saad is the man behind the camera, a truly talented and precious little man, and Nolan Bellavance, the stylist extraordinaire. Really, there’s not much I need to say, just look at the result. That morning I had dragged myself out of a bed I had hyjacked to come downstairs and witness magic in the making. I couldn’t help but make my little hungover body crawl over to where my camera was to capture a few shots of the golden trio hard at work.

Because our boy is too busy living the life in Berlin, I just thought I would remind you all to check out what is quickly becoming the best internet hot spot in all the land. Checked up on Street Clash recently? Because you should!!

So, one of Shut up you Twit’s photos recently made the cover of street fashion magazine Cracker Your Wardrobe for the second time this year! Next, it’s Marilis’s turn.

If you click on the issues you can see a limited selection of the photos published in the magazine, one of which might be of you, but also take a look at all the photos of super stylish people from around the world.

Welcome to our hang over yard sale. After a wild nite of confetti consumptions, i woke up from an ant crawling on my leg, i lookd out side my window and seen Nicola passing by my house with a big rack of beautiful goods and a bundle of cupcakes, i ran out side of my house and gathered my things and we set up on Prince Arthur and Hotel-de-ville. Alison opens her window and yells “I barfed 4 minutes ago but I’ll be down with my stuff.”

She ran down the stairs, ran back up to get more, ran back down and locked her self out. Lovely start to a yardsale i thought in my mind. I looked down at hat i was wearing and relized i left my house in the same thing i wore last night with pink and blue stains all over it. I ran home and got dressed into something more yardsaley.

This is Dane now and below is a computer generated image of himself at 50 years of age. I think he’ll have a star of david tattoo on his forehead and probably will have purple hair.

Really this is Shane, Dane’s long lost brother. He enjoys smoking weed, yelling at people, confusing people, tumbling, acrobatics and necklace shopping.

This is out Noweigaailinn friend Lealaska she dont speak much english, but hey neither do we. We all ended up doing a little trading and a little shopping of each other’s stuff. We may see her walking down in my old favorite snake skin pants and a very nice leather Lacoste belt that got paint all over it.

Batrinka is our new friend she takes in her own jeans and enjoyed a leisurely walk through St. Louis Square with Leah and I to go and get LaFleur cheeseburger’s and diet cokes for breakfast.

this little cutie pretty much represents a cross section of all male montrealers between the ages of 19-26 who populate the PLateau-Mile End Zones of Montreal.

this is another breed of male Montrealer, here we see a fine specimen of cool sneakers, and designer sweatshirt coupled with the scruffy hat and beard forming the typical A+ combo.

here we have two of the american apparel, ray ban wayfarer bicycle riding young nerd-jock indie first year at university and discovering tight pants type. bless their souls.

this is Nicola. she spearheaded this yardsale operation. we owe it to her motivation and upbeat character for dragging 3 very hung over/possibly still drunk people of out bed. Nicola spent most of her day undercharging people for her clothes and belongings, but still managed to make the most money out of all of us.

and a perfect little cute simple summer outfit to end the day.