Meet Colin. Colin is my boss, and my favorite one yet. He loves to sing karaokes, especially long ballads. He’s pretty much the cutest boy ever, just one look at that photo and it’s an instant crush. I managed to get Colin to join me on my trip to Toronto fashion week, and we drank some sodas and talked to our drivers who were Canadian Idol security guards or something and listened to some of the deliciously cheesy pop songs on his ipod. At any given time, Colin can be find displaying a few dance steps on the floors of Preloved, come visit and comment on his perfect curls. Here’s another Colin photo for the road, taken in New York and stolen off his facebook:

And here’s Tessa, who has been on here quite a bit and needs no introduction apart from the fact that she as well can be found dancing/working at Preloved a few days a week. I took that photo on a day where I sent her the following text message: ”It’s spring! Call me!” and then we went to get some iced coffee and walked around the mile end and found a magical pile of trash that had such treasures at Ace of Base the Sign, a bunch of New Kids on the Block tapes and an En Vogue tape I’m actually listening to right now… This photo was taken at Local 23 (23 Bernard St.) and I would like to own most dresses in that magical closet.