Summertime is always the best in Montreal. Soon, we will all be wrapped in layers of seal skin, retreating into our igloos and crying over the loss of our tan (unless you’re Alison and I and we’re just happy we don’t have to worry about sunburns).  My computer is still broken so here’s another photo I’ve been storing for the cold days of winter. I kind of am in denial about weather all year round; I wear tights in both minus and plus 30 weather. Stephanie Naday, pictured above and plenty of time on this here website, was the only one not frowning upon my covered legs and wool skirt at a hot sunny summer Piknic Electronik. Here she is looking pretty precious in her far more weather-conscious outfit with the equally adorable Adam in an outfit that will be comforting to look back on when our toes turn black from frost bites any weeks now. Start taking the mothballs out of your wool sweaters guys, it’s coming!