I remember the day where I found out the Spice Girls were going back on tour this year. The excitement, then the deception that they weren’t coming to Montreal, then the anger when I signed the petition to get them to come visit, then the excitement again when I found out they were and finally the pretty deep depression at the fact that never will I be able to afford a ticket, and they’re all sold out anyways (figures).  Oh man, I mean… what are you going to do…


In any case, this is from the morning where I met Simon. I woke up, pretty much in the fetal position on my friend’s couch, my limbs in a riot against me, and incredibly hungover (it was the morning after this little shindig). And so I walked out onto the porch and there they were, all awake and having coffee, and there was Simon, playing some very happy music from an African band, and feeding us bagels (St-Viateur or Faimount, discuss). It was the beginning of an on-going kind of psychedelic friendship. He’s also got a sweet and also pretty psychedelic band called Gold Sword and he’ll be doing a reading at the next Indyish Monthly Mess. Hollar!