Thanks to global warming, it was wonderfully warm on Tuesday and it would have been a shame to waste such a nice evening, so Laura and I decided to go to Teenwolf Tuesdays at Blizzarts. We went over to Dane’s who was making some masks with our friend Ceilidh, listened to some CocoRosie and ate some string beans. Afterwards, they ran around the streets and took advantage of their newly found anonymity to yell insults at old co-workers or use the stringy hair part to whip attractive passersby and engage in conversation.



There’s a holiday party photo album in the works for Pregnant Goldfish, but until then, check out some photos from the last couple of days worth of shenanigans with Laura and Dane over on thefriendattack, here. And wait for Dane’s Martha Stewart like How To Make Animal Masks for Yiffing Parties.