I find myself thoroughly enjoying the cover of this week’s Mirror, featuring the boys behind Nu Ravers On the Block! We’ll be at the one year anniversary, taking snaps of your cute faces, so here’s hoping you’ll all be making it out there!

Read the article by the fantastic mr. Jack Oatmon here to find out more about the boys’ day job.

And check out these photo albums for photos from previous Nu Ravers parties! We’ve been going to these little shindigs ever since it was back at Vinyl, living it up with glow-sticks. One of the most memorable moments was the night (pre-shut up you twit), where I lost my camera. The very same one that I have now. I’m just goddamn lucky. Enough reminiscing, here’s some pics:

With Mr. Flash at Academy

Another night at Academy

With Castle Vania

And a few more on flickr, by various lovely people, from before this blog, the ones I took are under the account name mariliscardinal. See you folks Saturday at the SAT!