Well most of you are probably already aquainted with this little Alsacien country boy, but anyways, hi remz remz!  




Remi is best known for his ability to produce awkward silences at dinner party by referencing his less then normal childhood in a menonite community. He has a very soft voice and tendencies of babbling on in Alsacien when he’s had a few too many Boris’. It needs to be known that if Remi sends you an email, you had better answer, or he will hold it against you. Remi and I spend our time together speaking a weird hybrid of french that no one understands except us, and sometimes, not even us, but we don’t really mind. Once a year, Remi goes into hiding, and he’s just bought seasons of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl and Arrested Development, so my best bet is that this time has come, but don’t worry, as soon as the snow melts and the parties start being ridiculously frequent, I can almost state with fair certainty that he will be seen breaking it down alsace-style on the dancefloor. WATCH OUT!