To make up for our lack of activity in these current dark, cold, and snowy days, our dear Darryl went on a little field trip to Stockholm after his Berlin Showcase and look at the goodies he brought back on his memory card!!


Everyone’s in black in the Stockholm wintertime, which doesn’t make for great photos.  But this guy doesn’t give a shit.  I don’t know where he got that tribal mask, or why he’s carrying it around, but with shoes like that he can do just about whatever he wants.


This is Cornelia, at SpyBar.  SpyBar is this great little place where there’s a pointer at the door, regardless of how many people are inside.  Entrance is about 20 dollars, and beer is about 10.  Needless to say, it’s necessary to get shit-faced before you go.  As for Cornelia, well she would save my life 2 days later, when I missed a flight and was wandering around Stockholm without shelter and a very heavy suitcase.  She put me up for the night and we ate candy and pizza and mourned the hit my bank account took by having to buy a plane ticket a day before the flight.  Usch.